These Aren't Your Grandparents Denver Broncos; Or Are They?

Chaz MattsonAnalyst IOctober 7, 2009

The background music begins

Doodadodo- Dodadodo- Dodadodo- Dodadodo~ and on as the narrator begins to speak.


The Narrator

Imagine if you will, a football team, caught somewhere in time; with one foot stuck in 1960 and the other in 2009. This yellow, mellow custard jersey laced football team- looking as it did before- or as it is now. Perhaps, in its upcoming game, it will be like it was before in it’s inaugural game in its inaugural season. Only as they play the Boston Patriots, they will not be the away team, but the home team. Only where such oddities occur could you wind up in…the Twilight Zone.


The Actual Scoop on Those Twilight Zone Throwback Uniforms

So perhaps, you want the truth about those old duds before you see them on the field, or perhaps you’d like to humorously indulge the mother of all throwback jerseys head to toe.

In 1960, the first year of the American Football League (AFL), the Denver Broncos franchise had one of their more interesting starts. Undoubtedly, the poorest of all the start-up AFL teams, the Broncos began to play in the old Bears Stadium, which later became known as Mile High Stadium.

The stadium saw a number of upgrades along the way- the most notable of which was a state of the art design which slid the east side stands in and out- depending on whether it was time for football or baseball.

In the very first game for the Denver Broncos, they traveled east to take on the Boston Patriots, and won the game 13-10. The Broncos were the weakest franchise financially, and on the field, which really led to their humble beginnings in the Mile High city. 

The Broncos originally practiced in Golden, Colorado at the Colorado School of Mines football field. The Broncos were so strapped for cash back in those days that they purchased their original set of jerseys from the old Copper Bowl All-Star game, and purchased vertically striped socks at a clearance sale to match.

So for two seasons, these used uniforms became the teams’ original identity to the Rocky Mountain region. The Broncos were not a competitive team for quite some time. Yet, they were entertaining and started to draw fans.

Perhaps only Red Miller, who was an assistant back in the early days, is the only person to save one of the original pairs of vertical striped socks. The old socks and uniforms were destroyed in a pre-game ceremony, per the orders of then head coach and GM Jack Faulkner.

This weekend, the Broncos are celebrating their origins into the AFL and eventually, the NFL merger with the retro throwback jerseys that will certainly take every fan back to their humble roots.

The Denver Broncos will be taking on the Boston (New England) Patriots this weekend, full well knowing these two teams have a rich history with one another. Both in the AFL, and NFL.

So if things don’t look quite the same as they normally do, just know that it’s a weekend of nostalgia and remembering the importance of taking a risk against all odds.

When you see those wild and crazy jerseys that the Broncos are wearing this weekend, at least you’ll have the scoop on the Broncos original starting place as an original AFL team struggling to survive. You’ll have the scoop on a team that somehow- continually built upon what it had to eventually reach the pinnacle in 1997 and 1998.