The Bleacher Creature College Football Poll, Week Six: The Tide Is High

Kristofer GreenSenior Writer IOctober 7, 2009

The first edition of the 2009 Bleacher Creature College Football Poll offers some twists on the recognized college football polls.

Like the AP, Coaches, and Harris Interactive polls, the top three teams in the country are clearly out in front of the rest of the pack. Florida, Texas, and Alabama all received first place votes and are the only teams to break the 900 point mark in this week's poll.

The Bleacher Creature poll, in it's second season, purposefully waits until after the fifth week of the season to begin polling in order to better evaluate on-field results rather than preseason notions.

Though, there will always be some forshadowing involved in ranking teams, it is the duty of every pollster to vote on where they believe each team should be ranked at this moment and to vote without an agenda or bias that would blind objectivity.

The conference breakdown for week six are as follows: Big XII 6, SEC 5, Big Ten 4, ACC 3, Big East 2, Mountain West 2, Pac-10 2, WAC 1

To view how each pollster voted click here.

On to the Week Six Bleacher Creature College Football Rankings...


1. Alabama 5-0  (18) 967     Next: at No. 23 Mississippi

2. Florida 4-0  (19) 953    Next: at No. 4 LSU

3. Texas 4-0  (3) 909    Next: Colorado

4. LSU 5-0  818    Next: No. 2 Florida

5. Boise State 5-0  779    Next: idle

6. Virginia Tech 4-1  742    Next: Boston College

7. USC 4-1  716    Next: idle

8. Cincinnati 5-0  694    Next: idle

9. Ohio State 4-1  631    Next: No. 20 Wisconsin

10. Iowa 5-0  618    Next: Michigan

11. TCU 4-0  597    Next: at Air Force

12. Miami (FL) 3-1  554    Next: Florida A&M

13. Auburn 5-0  485    Next: at Arkansas

14. Oregon 4-1  475    Next: at UCLA

15. Penn State 4-1  392    Next: Eastern Illinois

16. Kansas 4-0  349    Next: Iowa State

17. Oklahoma State 3-1  290    Next: at Texas A&M

18. South Florida 5-0  269    Next: idle

19. Nebraska 3-1  262    Next: at No. 21 Missouri

20. Wisconsin 5-0  235    Next: at No. 9 Ohio State

21. Missouri 4-0  232    Next: at No. 19 Nebraska

22. BYU 4-1  192    Next: at UNLV

23. Mississippi 3-1  153    Next: No. 1 Alabama

24. Georgia Tech 4-1  150    Next: at Florida State

25. Oklahoma 2-2  144    Next: Baylor

Others Receiving Votes: South Carolina 142, Stanford 36, Michigan 31, Notre Dame 27, Georgia 22, Houston 18, West Virginia 15, Pitt 9, Arizona 6, Utah 6, Rutgers 3, Texas Tech 1


If you would like to become a pollster in the Bleacher Creature Poll all you have to do is send your weekly rankings to All polls must be received by 3:00 AM ET (12 AM PT) on each Monday (or by the end of the day Sunday). If you have questions please contact Kristofer Green.

Bleacher Creature Pollsters: 78Lion, Allen Kenney, BabyTate, Brad Vipperman, Bret Feddern, Brooks Webb, Carl Stine, Dan Scofield, Dean Walker, Delane Kelley, Garrett Traggorth, HD Handshoe, James Crytzer, Jameson Fleming, Joe Guarr, Joel Barker, Joseph Morgan, Justin Potts, Keith Shelton, Kevin McGrady, Kevin Trahan, Kristofer Green, Les Adkins, Mark welling, Michael Collins, Michael Foster, Michael Oleszek, Michael Shibley, Misthaufen, Mitch Wilson, Mitchell Morse, Paul Salman, Peter Rohman, Rick McMahan, Ron Clements, Ryan Jelley, Sportscaster007, Tiger Histalmos, Timothy Croley, Tyler Stimson.


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