Top 10 Signs You Are An Arena Football Fan

Chris Yow@@ChrisYow14Analyst IOctober 7, 2009

Top 10 Signs You Are An Arena Football Fan

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    Here are the top 10 signs that you are way too deep in the fandom of the Arena Football League! The fans of the AFL are all true fans. These are ways to see if you are one of those crazy idiots who love the indoor war! If these signs reflect you, please contact your local Arena Football team for season tickets!

10. You Spend More Time on Than Working

1 of 10 has been the home of AFL fans since 1998. A complete history of the league can be found in its database. Plus a lively message board to interact with fans!

9. You Think Las Vegas Is For Watching Football, Not Gambling

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8. You Can Name All the AFL Teams, but Not All of the US Presidents

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7. You Know Who Jerry Kurz Is

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6. You've Complained About NiFTy or UStream to Jerry Personally

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    Yes, we know the "1" looks like a knife wound.

5. You Play AFL Fantasy Football

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    Goalline Software is an often visited site by you. You love the uncertainty of whether your team's QB will still have a job this week.

4. You Have Traveled More Than Five Hours To Watch Your Team On the Road.

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3. You Know Your Team's Regular Referee and Have Complained About Him To Jerry Kurz Once a Week

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2. You Are Known By Your Screen Name, Not Your Real Name, Across the Country

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1. A Weekend In Des Moines, Iowa, Is Preferred Over the Normal Vacation Spots During the Season

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