Fantasy DC's Week Four: Buy/Sell Report

FantasyDCCorrespondent INovember 28, 2016

Steve Smith NYG, WR
11 receptions, 134 yards, two TDs

Jon Dove—Buy—I think Smith’s production has more to do with Eli Manning than Smith’s overall skill.  It is kind of what Jay Cutler is doing with the Bears receivers.  However, that doesn’t mean that I am selling.  Pick up Smith because he will continue to have a good season and beyond.

Billy Smith—Buy—I was the organizer of the Smith bandwagon this preseason. It is nice to be proven right every so often.  He has really out played the other Steve Smith.  Some will say his value is at an all time high, but I think Manning, Smith, and Manningham are going to keep posting great numbers.

Mike Sims-Walker JAX, WR
Seven receptions, 91 yards, two TDs

Jon Dove—Sell—I am selling the Jaguars as an offense.  Rookie wide receivers tend to hit a wall and without a dominant offense (or team for that matter), I see Sims-Walker’s numbers taking a dive.  Move him for a more trusted commodity.

Billy Smith—Buy—The real issue with Sims-Walker is health.  He is a very talented player and David Garrard’s number one option.

Carson Palmer CIN, QB
230 yards, two TDs, one INT

Jon Dove—Buy—A couple years ago Palmer had a great fantasy season, and it seems like he is finally getting over all those injuries.  Palmer has a lot of weapons at  his disposal and finally a decent running game. 

I still worry about that offensive line, but so far so good.  Buying Palmer could be risky due to the injury history, but I feel he is worth the risk.

Billy Smith—Buy—He is healthy, and Chad Ochocinco is playing really well.  He is not going to put up the Palmer numbers of old, but he really has been good this season and is probably sitting on someone’s bench.  If you are struggling at QB, Palmer might be available for cheap.

Chad Ochocinco CIN, WR
Three receptions, 24 yards, two TDs

Jon Dove—Buy—Ochocinco has his swagger back.  He has been a top fantasy receiver for years, and everyone was ready to write him off after one poor season.  He is back and will continue to put up big numbers.

Billy Smith—Buy—Like Palmer, Ocho is healthy.  He didn’t have a ton of yards Sunday, but grabbed a couple of touchdowns, including a beautiful catch to tie the game. 

He has been a great play all season, and there is no sign he is slowing down.  I personally think he is on a mission to stick it to Skip Bayless.  How can you not like that?

Thomas Jones NYJ, RB
13 carries, 48 yards, one TD

Jon Dove—Sell—It is truly a running back by committee in New York.  Jones will have his good games, but if you could pick up a younger back that receives more carries, do so. 

The one thing that may make me hold on to Jones is Sanchez’s poor game this week.  Look for the Jets to run the ball more in the coming weeks.

Billy Smith—Sell—Jones is splitting carries, and teams are stacking the box to force Mark Sanchez to beat them.  Until he does, Jones isn’t the best option.

Johnny Knox CHI, WR

Jon Dove—Sell—As a Bears fan it’s hard not to like what Knox brings to the table.  However, I don’t trust rookie wide receivers and wouldn’t trade much to acquire Knox.

Billy Smith—Buy—The Bears’ rookie wide out might be the rookie of the year so far (close call between him and Percy Harvin).  He has big time speed and can take it to the house every time he touches the football.


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