Florida-LSU: Both teams will win

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Florida-LSU:  Both teams will win
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by RunTellMatt

“Florida can lose this game against LSU, win the SEC championship and still play for the national championship.” This was the exact quote from the SEC update show that has become midweek college football halftime programming.

Unfortunately for the rest of the country, it is true.

To win the MNC game, one must at least play in the MNC game. With a mentality like this promoted nationally by ESPN—the SEC’s business partner—it’s no wonder the SEC has played in the MNC game the last three years and will continue to do so until the NCAA steps up and stops the ESPN’s “cornering of the market.”

Urban Meyer if you’re paying attention, you might as well not start Tebow and further jeopardize his future because no matter the outcome of the game, your Florida Gators have an automatic berth in the MNC game, provided they win the SEC championship game.

Considering there are no other contenders in the SEC East, there’s no reason for concern. In fact, Alabama is the only real contender in the West and with their relatively weak schedule, a Florida-Alabama SEC championship game is guaranteed even with an unlikely loss for both teams.

So, despite the SEC being considerably weaker this year with only two real contenders, the “SEC is the best conference in the world” propaganda will continue to strangle the college football community.

As long as ESPN and the SEC are financially in bed together, the coverage, news stories, topics, commentary, etc. will always be dominated by SEC-related material. Furthermore, views and opinions of ESPN broadcasters, commentators, anchor people, etc. (i.e. employees) will always be tainted by the SEC-biased views of their employers.


This is off-topic a bit, but to support my premise, think about this. This ESPN-SEC relationship is similar to General Electric and CNBC (and NBC, MSNBC, etc.), which is owned by GE. Turn on the stock market discussion show, “Squawk on the Street” in the morning on CNBC (or any market-related show on CNBC for that matter). You are never going to hear any anchor person on this show say negative things about GE, regardless of personal opinion. 


The individuals on this show are all very intelligent, financial-savvy investors and it’s not hard to believe their views may differ regarding certain companies, including GE. But, you’re simply never going to hear things such as, “GE is just not a very good company to own right now. They don’t pay a decent dividend, their stock rarely splits…” (For example. I don’t know that any of these are true). The offender would quickly be reprimanded if not fired depending on the severity of their statements and the perceived negative effect on their employer, GE.

So, back to ESPN and the SEC. If LSU wins, they’ll probably jump to at least No. 2 in the polls behind Alabama, whereas Florida will only fall to somewhere between 5-10 because, after all, they will have lost to the “No. 4” team in the country.

If LSU loses, they won’t drop too far either and will still control their own destiny going forward. The only obstacle in their way to the SEC championship game is a road game with Alabama. If they were able to win that game, they’d go to the SEC championship game and still have a shot at the MNC game, because again, the winner of SEC championship game now has an automatic berth in the MNC game.

To recap: Florida loses, they still win. LSU loses, they still win.

Thank you ESPN for ruining college football for the rest of us.

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