Kimbo Slice: An Analysis Of The MMA Fighter

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 2, 2008

Here is my analysis of Kimbo Slice:


Punch Accuracy: B+

A streetfighter by trade, Kimbo has the ability to land punches right where he wants them to go.


Punch Power: A

Kimbo has one- shot KO type power, a rare commodity in Mixed Martial Arts fighting. In spite of his overall- raw technique, this particular attribute will make him a dangerous opponent against anyone.


Agility: B

Despite his massive size, Kimbo has the ability to dodge punches and get inside his opponents. Against other heavyweights, Kimbo’s agility will prove invaluable.


Takedowns: C-

It is clear that takedowns are the weakest aspect of Kimbo’s game at this time. While Kimbo is incredibly dangerous while standing up, he is still very, very inexperienced in taking an opponent to the ground. He will definitely have to improve in this area if he is to succeed in the long run in mixed martial arts.


Kicking: C-

From what I have seen of Kimbo thus far, kicking does not appear to be a major aspect of his repitoire. However, he has flashed the ability to deliver powerful kicks, and his massive frame would suggest that he has the power to do some damage with his legs. However, I will have to see more from his kicking before I can assign him a higher grade in this category.


Submissions: C+

While submissions aren’t yet a major part of Kimbo’s game, has shown the ability to take an opponent out via a submission. I expect Kimbo to get better in this area as he becomes more experienced.


Ground Game: D+

Kimbo is extremely inexperienced in the ground game, and therefore relies entirely on his physical abilities when on the ground as opposed to technique. However, this area of his game should improve as he trains more.


Durability: A

Kimbo has shown the ability to take a beating, get back up, and give an even harder beating right back to his opponent. To me, that is durability at its best.


Toughness: A

He may not be the most technically sound MMA fighter out there, but he may possibly be the toughest. In Kimbo’s limited fighting time in the MMA, I have seen Kimbo take a slew of shots to the head, only to get back up and attack his opponent back. Kimbo’s toughness will make him a very exciting fighter to watch in the MMA.


Overall Grade: B