Interesting Coach Options For Ultimate Fighter 11

tyler griggsContributor IOctober 7, 2009

The Ultimate Fighter 11 debut will be somewhere around April 2010. The 11th season of the hit Spike original series will feature Middle and Light-Heavyweight fighters. The coaches of the show have yet to be announced, but I have some interesting coach ideas.

As usual the coaches of the show will probably have a huge fight shortly after the season is over. Huge fights that could happen, that would also have great coaching possibilities could be some of the following.

George St. Pierre vs Matt Hughes- Matt Hughes' last fight was between him and a long time rival Matt Serra. Hughes said after a the win against Serra that he was not done just yet. He said that he would like to go back and fight against some former losses. He said that he was not ready for a title rematch just yet.

If these were the coaches it would be very good timing. Hughes would be a great add on to the card at the year end spectacular, that will be a little bit late airing January 2nd. Already amazing fights expected to happen are Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans vs Thiago Silva and a Hughes vs a TBA opponent would be awesome.

A St. Pierre fight before April would be likely also. That would set up a good schedule for the two to fight after the finale. Hughes has lost twice to St. Pierre, one via TKO and one via arm lock. So a third and final St. Pierre rematch for the Welterweight title would be great.

The winner of the Silva-Belfort fight in January would make great coaches for the winner of the number one contender fight for the Middleweight title between Henderson-Marquardt. It would be better in my eyes if Dan Henderson won his fight and Silva won his, because it would make up a great rematch situation for the title. But in the same way Vitor Belfort would be a good coach to match up with Henderson if Belfort won the title fight. To my knowledge Belfort and Henderson have never fought so it would be good to see a new middleweight match-up.

Last but not least is a small thought because of the situation. Brock Lesnar is definably is not going anywhere without a brutal fight. The Heavyweight champ has a fight at UFC 106 against Shane Carwin. Carwin was originally suppose to fight Cain Velasquez to see who would be the number one contender. The reason that was scratched was because Fedor was supposedly coming to the UFC to fight Lesnar. But we all kno that didn't happen so Lesnar needed an opponent so he wouldn't go without a fight in nearly a year. So the UFC saw Carwin as the more worthy opponent.

What I'm getting at is, the winner of the Lesnar-Carwin fight should possibly coach the winner of the Velasquez-Rothwell fight at UFC 104, which should make the winner the number one contender for the title. This would be big, but Lesnar has only a few pro fights under his belt and I don't believe he's ready to coach a team. Although a definate athelte, I believe there are a few other guys that would be more ready for this situation than Lesnar.

Those are my top ideas for possible coaches. All of these would also be great fights to headline afterwords. Well guys thanks for the reads, and would love feedback on who you would think would make good coaches, or why my picks would be good in your eyes also.