Oh My! What the Federer!

like13beaversContributor IOctober 7, 2009

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 29: Roger Federer of Switzerland cries as he collects the trophy after victory in his Men's Singles Final match against Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus during day fourteen of the Australian Open at Melbourne Park January 29, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

You know what? This guy used to cry in his childhood too, but with a barbie doll in hand probably.

Federer is an average tennis player. And, I like to cal him rogue. Or f-rog (frog?).

Any of ya remember the time when he had that ponytail and that clean-shaven face? Most of the guys playing during that time simply lost their concentration on seeing that face. That's why they lost out and even sang his praises afterwards. Andre would have gone on for many more years had Steffi not realized this fact.

So you fans get a grip, okay?

And ooh, ooh, some of you are Nadal fans too. That Nadal guy is a loser too. He loses his cool after dusting the rogue with clay. I mean, he smiles and loses no opportunity to actually hug him, like he did in Australian Open. Look closely at that hug again. Yeah, you were fooled into believing that was friendship. That was the dumbest thing to do.

I mean, rub it in when you have the chance. I mean, if this trend goes on it won't be long before even that dude loses his composure during matches.

In that sense, Murray is too good.

And don't even get me started on his "Fans". Total losers! How many of them actually know how to play tennis?

Just follow that guy who wrote this or that crap on rogue and had real fun (you know, real fun). And then you guys bet your life on him. All of you have nothing else to look forward to in your life.

And sooo many of these idiots! It's like honest people are afraid to write what's on their minds, and are resorting to this subtlety crap and sarcastic crap, which no one understands anyway.

And how come such a sore loser was given the sportsman award? Yeah, all of them simply fell for him.

I suck at writing, but you guys suck even more. And I am still looking for that "biggest fan" of Federer here.