Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Seminoles.

Luis OrtizContributor IOctober 6, 2009

PROVO, UT. - SEPTEMBER 19:  Bobby Bowden, Head Coach of the Florida State Seminoles, walks off the field after the win over The Brigham Young Cougars at La Vell Edwards Stadium on September 19, 2009 in Provo, Utah.  (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/Getty Images)

Many F.S.U fans and alumni are upset with the way the seminoles have come out the gate this 2009-10 football season and all fingers point to Coach Bowden who is towards the end of his career a "Great one at that".

Seminole fans are ready to scalp the head of thier long time successful head coach Bobby Bowden cause of a terrible start and not so good last couple of seasons, there was a time when going to Tallahassee and winning was unheard of now you couldn't even put Florida Gator players in Seminole uniforms and win with all the turmoil.

Fans are really being disloyal due to loses placing blogs, tweets on twitter even on facebook asking all the fans that attend the next home game to wear all black tee shirts for a sign of change, Even going as low as writing blogs about the first lady of Seminole football Ann Bowden.

Ann bowden has commented that she can not believe how many people have turn their back on them even the Fisher Family and they were very good friends.

Jim Smith, Chair of the University's board of trustee's is throwing out alot of crap if you ask me saying that big time boosters of the program want Bowden to resign,

"We've got too many bosses out there," chairman Jim Smith told The Associated Press. "Jimbo is in a very, very tough situation where people assume he has a whole lot more authority than he really has. He's getting blamed for a lot of things that's just not his fault."

I think its more of the work of Jimbo Fisher and Jim Smith which has stated that if Bowden stays through 2010 that they need to figure out a way to have everyone on the same page and thats Fisher's page. Fisher being in control with his staff and taking over responsibilities mean while if bowden stays he will have his coaching staff what a mess that will be.

Having a coach-in-waiting is not a good idea for any team let alone the Florida state Seminole's it takes away all the excitment of having a new face, a new attitude it will kill it all plus it will effect the recruiting, top recruit's do not wanna step into grounds where the roses really smell like boo ooo ooo.

The only time that the Seminoles have sold out this year was against  the good U.S.F Bulls and thats only because they had over 2,000 fans drive up to SUPPORT their team,since 1976 when Bowden took this job he change this program for a long time and has been putting kids in the Pro league for a while now so note to all you F.S.U DIE HARDS: Give the man some slack and respect!!! and leave Mrs.Bowden out of it all!!!