John Azam's Week 5 Prediction Game and Week 4 Results

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John Azam's Week 5 Prediction Game and Week 4 Results
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This is John Azam's Prediction Game.

Before telling you guys the rankings and the Week 5 games, I will list the people who didnt tell me their Predictions for Week 4.

Patrick Guardon

Justin Thomas

If I didnt tell you to tell your Predictions then I'm sorry.

If you 2 wrote a article about your Week 4 Predictions then I will put it in the Rankings.

OK, So here are the Rankings:

Players with Playoff Spots


1. Blaine Spence with 24 points

2. Tyler Lambert with 22 points

3. Hurricane Hubbard with 22 points

4. Will Holt with 22 points

5. People's Champion with 21 points (I made a mistake on his, I gave him 22 points but it is actually 21 points


Players on the hunt


6. Tayler Smith with 21 points

7. Chris Anderson with 21 points

8. Yoni Janis with 21 points

9. JW Nix with 20 points

10. Sportscaster007 with 20 points

11. MR.DAVE with 20 points


Players hunting for a Playoff Spot


12. Robert Meyer with 21 points (I did his wrong so he is actually 6-9th place) and he is on the hunt for a spot.

13. JC De La Torre with 19 points

14. Kyle Winslow with 18 points

15. Austin Penny with 15 points

16. (He is New) Ben Hammond with 11 points


Players that didn't Predict Week 4


Patrick Guardon with 13 points (I forgot to say he was last weeks winner with Robert Meyer)

Justin Thomas with 11 points

Now here is the games:















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