LSU Baseball's Return to Glory and Its Effects on Married Life

Carey MontzCorrespondent IJune 2, 2008

Alright, so I have been a member of for about 7 1/2 minutes, and I am thinking to myself what would be a good first article.  So many things to talk about with so little time to talk about them.  So, I figure I will keep it nice and simple for my first try, considering I have a four month old daughter anxiously awaiting my arrival at her daycare. 

Things were going well four months ago, The LSU baseball team had barely gotten their season underway.  The LSU football team was merely a month removed from dominating the pride of the Big 10, the Ohio State Buckeyes, in the BCS Title Game.  And last and certainly least, LSU basketball was performing about as well as that little girl dressed like a bee in that Blind Melon "No Rain" video.  To top all of it off, my wife and I had just given birth to a brand new (redundant, I know) baby girl, named Carly. 

Life was good.  Carly would be about 6 months old by the time Daddy would commence to start tailgating again for LSU football.  But in the meantime, something happened that was not expected.  The LSU baseball Tigers started winning, and winning, and winning.......and WINNING!!!!  16 in a row by regular season's end, and 7 more in the SEC tourny and sub-regional playoff round. 

Now let's back up for a minute.  My wife knew going into our marriage that LSU football reigned supreme in my bag full of issues I would bring to the marriage compromise table.  The other LSU sports, she did not have to worry about too much, which is why this past weekend made for some interesting discussions, err...conversations....errr.....arguments. 

Friday, she comes home from work to my friends and I sitting on the front porch having a few drinks.  In case you are wondering, I did have my daughter with me and was not drinking heavily at that point.  LSU had just laid a 12-1 beat-down to Texas Southern in the first game of the Baton Rouge sub-regional.  We were excited.  Excited enough to drink all the beer that was in the ice chest, plus some additional beers donated by various members of the neighborhood. 

This would have all been okay, had I not been planning on attending the LSU-Southern Miss game that would commence the next day.  I did take our eight year old son with me to that one, leaving mommy and baby home by themselves.  One night and one full day and night of taking care of Carly by herself apparently was enough.  She made it perfectly clear that it was enough on Sunday evening when I came home from playing softball where she refused to welcome me home with open arms.  She did get her payback.  She was gone all day Sunday before I left to play softball that afternoon.  But the damage had been done. 

I must say it was all worth it because LSU lit up USM in consecutive days to the tune of 13-4 and 11-4.  As for our marriage, all will be well.  She is getting diamond earrings for our anniversary.