Travis Henry Released by Denver Broncos: Will Selvin Young Step Up?

Brendon TateCorrespondent IJune 2, 2008

The Broncos have recently cut star running back, Travis Henry. What can this mean? Only time will tell.

Let me tell you my opinion of the situation. There are many positives and some negatives in the releasing of this work horse of a running back.

The positives are that the Broncos are now younger in the running game, with Selvin Young officially becoming the starter. Or, at least until other running backs can prove they are better.

Remember how Selvin Young said his goal was to rush for 2,000 yards. The last person to do that was Jamal Lewis and Denver's Terrell Davis before him. Selvin young also gained some weight in muscle going from 205 to 212. This weight is similar to Terrell Davis and Clinton Portis when they played for Denver.

He also has gotten his strength up. Young bench presses an amazing 360 lbs. not once, not twice, not even three times, but five TIMES!!! He is showing real good determination to be considered the number one back.

The Broncos have been busy signing other running backs, so one could say Travis had it coming. Ryan Torrain, Michael Pittman, and Anthony Aldrige (undrafted). These are the new additions who all can contribute to Denver's running system. Even I probably could run in the system.

If one of the starters were to get hurt and if their was fear of a running back living up to expectations, just look at this chart: 

The Broncos have had much success at the RB position no matter who is running the ball. The Broncos can always put in a RB to do the job.

Will Selvin Young get 2,000 yards this year? I do not believe so, but with his positive attitude and improving his overall body he will get well over 1,000. I see the Broncos running game going places.

Now, let's get back to Henry, how will this affect the Broncos? The only thing I could come up with was his consistency. Besides getting injured he was pretty consistent when healthy.

Selvin just performed better. Despite being undrafted, he outdid Henry. Travis Henry had 691 yds. on 167 carries, 4.1 avg. Selvin Young had 729 yds. on just 140 carries, 5.2 avg. Now tell me what do you think?