Chris Coghlan Deserves Rookie Of The Year and No One Can Deny It

Gabriel SmithContributor IOctober 6, 2009

JUPITER, FL - FEBRUARY 22:  Chris Coghlan #81 of the Florida Marlins during photo day at Roger Dean Stadium on February 22, 2008 in Jupiter, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Chris Coghlan the rookie who came out of nowhere is without a doubt the most deserving player for rookie of the year. Since he plays for a low budget team like the marlins he doesn't get that much national exposure so it is unfair he isn't recognized by many writers.

Chris Coghlan has had one of the most historic rookie seasons in Major league History. Breaking many franchise records and historic ones as well.

Chris Coghlan was called up in May where he had to make many sacrifices to join the ball club. These sacrifices included changing his position. During his whole career he played Second Base and when he arrived to the show he was informed he had to move out to left field. 

As the season progressed He improved at playing left field and became a rather above average fielder, but a new change came along as well, Since Emilio Bonifacio was struggling Fredi Gonzalez decided to move Coghlan up to the leadoff spot. A spot where he had never batted in his career. Coghlan was professional and sucked it up and played very well in the leadoff spot.   

The first half of the season came with some up and downs but he was able to get on base and hit well. Before the All-Star break he had a Batting Average of .245 an On Base % of .342.

As soon as the All Star Break ended Coghlan went on a tear. During the month of August he batted  .385, posted an on base % .449, had 4 HR, and drove in 18 runs. During this month he broke the franchise record for hits during a month, he also broke the franchise record of consecutive multi-hit games with 9. He became the first rookie since Wally Moon to get more than 45 hits in a month.

His hitting didn't end in August instead he continued to hit well throughout September. In September he posted a .382 Batting Average,.429 On Base % and drove in 6 runs. During September he had tied his own franchise record for hits in a month with 47. He was unstoppable throughout these last 2 months.

After the All-Star break he had 113 hits, more than MVP candidates Joe Mauer and Derek Jeter. He even became the first rookie in franchise history to hit over .300 proving to be the best Rookie after Hanley Ramirez. 

At the end of the second half he had posted: 

BA: .372



OPS: .966

HR: 7

RBI: 32

At the end of the season he had posted:

BA: .321

OBP: .390

SLG: .450

OPS: .850

HR: 9

RBI: 47

Chris Coghlan leads all other rookie candidates in Batting Average, Hits, On Base %, runs, Total Bases, and OPS. Chris Coghlan also took part of the top 5 leaders in Batting Average in the National League.

His only road block to obtaining the Award is J.A Happ. J.A Happ has also had a very good season he has won many games and has posted a very good ERA. He has had a great year but the difference between Coghlan and Happ, is that Happ's rookie year was great but Coghlan's was historical.