No Pressure: Favre Shreds The Wisconsin Secondary For The Win

Jason PotvinContributor IOctober 6, 2009

In preparation for Monday night's match-up, Dom Capers had to pick his poison: stop the running game  of Adrian Peterson or prevent Brett Favre from slinging the ball to his purple receivers.

Before last night's game, Peterson was averaging over 6 yards a carry this season. Known as one of the league's premier running backs, Adrian Peterson is a nightmare to game plan against.

Yet last night, the Packers were able to contain Peterson to a meager 55 yards on 22 attempts (a 2.2 average). Former first round pick Clay Matthews III was also able to rip the football out of Peterson's hands and run 42 yards in for a touchdown.

If this was 2008, it would seem like Green Bay was able to successfully shut down Minnesota's offense.

Unfortunately for the Packers, a certain player that was behind the Vikings offense was able to exploit the Green Bay secondary that former quarterbacks Gus Frerotte and Tarvaris Jackson could not.

That player was none other than Brett Favre.

In what seemed to be the dream come true for the Ironman ever since his departure from Wisconsin, Favre was able to put on a show Monday Night. Favre was 24 of 31 for 3 touchdowns and no interceptions versus his former team. 

Favre's first touchdown was a short left pass to Visanthe Shiancoe, where Nick Barnett was not fast enough to cover.

The second touchdown was pass over the middle to Sidney Rice for 14 yards where Nick Collins was a step behind.

The third and final touchdown was a deep pass to Bernard Berrian for 31 yards. Berrian had beat Al Harris on the play but Derrick Martin failed to cover over the top and was too late to defend the pass.

Favre picked apart the entire secondary all night, which was due to a lack of a pass rush.

The 3-4 defense did a phenomenal job taking Adrian Peterson out of the game, but failed to get any sort of pressure on Favre.

Dom Capers failed to utilize the blitzing capabilities of the linebackers to rattle Favre. The defense was accredited with just one quarterback hit and no sacks.

The defensive effort could have been summed up by one play. Early in the third quarter, Favre had more than six seconds in the pocket and was able to complete a long 31 yard pass down the middle.

Dom, if your looking to get Brett throwing interceptions, you have got to rattle that 40 year old body of his first.

With a bye coming up this week, hopefully the Packers can get healthy and learn from their mistakes last night. Favre comes to town in less than a month.