Jerry, fire the whole damned bunch!

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OK, get out the soapbox! It's my turn.

I wish I could have the above title to this thread posted on the giant video board at the new Cowboys Stadium.

Any of you who know me very well know that I practically bleed Cowboys blue. I have been watching (and trying to support) this team since the 1960s. I've rejoiced in all eight of the Super Bowl appearances and all five of the victories in the Big Game. And, I've suffered through Jimmy Johnson's 1-15 record in his first year as the Cowboys head coach.

I've seen the ups and downs of this team through the years, but I have never been as disappointed in a team as I have been lately. I am always upset after any Dallas loss, but I'm usually fine the next morning.

Such is not the case following yesterday's loss to the Denver Broncos. I'm embarrassed. Brandon Marshall's catch and run for the winning TD just made me explode. Marshall made a great catch against the Cowboys' Terence Newman, but it was what happened afterward that made me realize just how low this ship called the Cowboys has sunk. For Marshall to score after being completely surrounded by a sea of Dallas players was just pathetic. The entire defense just gave up on the play.

I'm tired of Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips trying to sugar-coat everything after all these losses. It happened after the playoff loss to the Giants; it happened after the Baltimore and Philly games at the end of last season; and it's still happening. How long is JJ going to put up with this shit?!!

There is a reason why Wade Phillips has NEVER won a playoff game as a head coach.

There is a reason why no team courted Jason Garrett as a potential head coach this past off-season.

There is a reason why Tony Romo was an undrafted free agent out of Northern Illinois.

There is a reason why Roy Williams was virtually unproductive in Detroit, and it isn't just because it was the Lions.

And, finally, there is a reason why this Dallas team has disappointed. It's simple really. Time to admit it--they're just not very good.

Now, don't give me that shit about it was a mistake to let T.O. go. No it wasn't! The same stuff was going on while he was here. I don't miss him and never will. What was a mistake was not bringing in a good (emphasis on good) veteran wide receiver to replace him. But, even then, I'm not sure it would matter with the current crop of Dallas coaches.

No, the simple fact is that for whatever reason the current Cowboy system is not working. We as fans have been waiting and wishing things will get better, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen until Jerry Jones gets the broom out and does a complete house-cleaning. It may not even happen then as long as JJ insists on maintaining control in the GM department.

Do I have answers? Not sure I do. This team sucks at so many points that a quick-fix does not seem possible.

The 'Boys have one of the biggest offensive lines in the game, but Dallas couldn't run the ball after the first quarter against Denver. Is that on OL coach Hudson Houck? Probably. He may have been a great coach at one point in his career, but something is clearly lacking now.
Same for Campo.

And as for quarterback coach Wade Wilson, who has heard from him lately? He's done NOTHING toward the development of Tony Romo, and neither has Garrett.

Then, there's something else. Is there something wrong with the Dallas training and medical staff? There must be since they can't seem to keep anyone healthy anymore.

So, I think a complete dress down from top to bottom is in order. May not do any good, but the current system is clearly not working. I, and I'm sure a lot of other Dallas fans, are losing their patience. Jerry, if you don't do something soon, it's gonna start showing in the attendance figures at your beloved new stadium.

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