Kimbo Slice—Is This What We've Come To?

Chris HesterSenior Analyst IJune 2, 2008

I really hate the fact that my first article is going discuss a topic that I admittedly know very little about, but what can you do? 

I, like thousands of other people, have spent time in the last year or so watching Kimbo Slice destroy people on YouTube and was actually half-way excited to see his "primetime network T.V. debut" this past Saturday. 

What I saw, however, made me wonder...what did I just watch? 

The entire fight had a WWE quality to it in my eyes (which again, I admit to not know much about MMA fighting). 

It seemed that Kimbo was in trouble on a couple different occasions during the first two rounds of the fight against James Thompson.  I began to think to myself: "What a disaster this would be for Elite XC if their biggest drawing star gets beat by a fighter no one outside of the MMA guru's has even heard of?  Will they let this happen?" 

Well, I got my answer in round three.  After a shot that busted open Mr. Thompson's ear, the ref immediately jumped in and stopped the fightthe fight that Mr. Thompson seemingly was winning by a large margin (to a novice like myself). 

Afterwards it was explained that due to the fight being on network television the ref was instructed to step in "before any serious damage took place."

But if that is the case, why was the fight not stopped in round two when Kimbo was pinned to the ground and taking elbow after elbow directly to his face?

This was a sad display of what potentially could have been a great night not only for Elite XC, but also for MMA fighters around the world. 

I stumbled upon the BJ Penn fight last week and let me tell you what...THAT is how MAA fighting should be. 

Granted UFC has the edge when it comes to athletes and experienced MMA fighters, but people tune in to this type of event to see skilled fighters battling it out in the octagonnot a freak show that a year or two ago was seen on videos beating people up in someone's backyard! 

If ratings were all they cared about, why not throw a ton of cash at Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashely.  I am sure, if possible, one of those two would've taken the money and come out to test the Elite XC waters.  Instead you had Kimbo Slice huffing and puffing his way to a VERY questionable victory. 

I think this may have pushed Elite XC back a step or two rather than moved them into the same light as the UFC.