Mark Hughes Lined Up As Sven-Goran Eriksson Gets The Sack

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IJune 2, 2008

So the news we've all known since April has been confirmed, Sven Goran Eriksson has been dismissed from Manchester City. Thaskin Shinawatra has apparently lined up Blackburn boss Mark Hughes as his replacement.

The tale of Sven will be told by Blues for many years to come. He came, he saw, he conquered. He got sacked.

Bookies had hardly any time to draw up a market for the Swede's replacement when it was announced by Blackburn they had given Mark Hughes permission to speak to the blue half of Manchester.

Sven is gone, long live the Sven was the message coming out of fan groups who had braced themselves for the inevitable since that post January collapse.

The loss in form saw their Champions League hopes banished and with it Sven's job.

The Swede could be guilty of overachieving, raising the bar too high with the double over rivals Man Utd and an amazing start to the domestic campaign.

When Thaskin became disgruntled, they could have shown him the 06/07 review for a bit of perspective.

So Sparky is the favourite but the appointment doesn't seem right for both camps from where I'm standing. Hughes would be taking a step slightly higher with no job security. Thaskin would see Scolari become available and dismiss the Welshman.

Also City's squad is breaking apart, the core is leaving for pastures new. Hughes would have to break the bank to beat Sven's league position and compete in Europe. With money comes pressure and Thaskin responds to pressure by wielding the axe.

In a week where Hughes is still favoured by many for the Chelsea job, why on earth would he lower himself to a club who will never win the league or upstage their great rivals?

The entire situation has echoes of Sam Allardyce's move to Newcastle. Highly successful with his own club, an underachieving side with financial clout gave him a call and he became manager. However his CV has been tainted by a poor six months he had in charge.

Mark Hughes would surely be better off staying at Blackburn and wait until a "Big" team comes in for him. His managerial talent deserves more than to become Thaskin's plaything.

Sure they said the same about Sven and within a year he's in Mexico, over to you Sparky.