WWE Hell In a Cell Script!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous guyCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2009

Hello, before you continue to read, two matches have been erased off of the card due to time constraints.


1.   No.1 Contender’s match for Intercontinental Title: 

    Matt Hardy vs Kane vs Mike Knox


2.   No.1 Contender’s match for Unified Tag Titles:

   The Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme


Sorry, but those matches will be for later dates. So enjoy the rest of your evening as WWE Hell in a Cell gets under-way!


Hello Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to WWE Hell In A Cell!!!!!!!


The show opens with a video showing the history of Hell In A Cell matches and then the screen quickly switches to the build-ups to all matches.


The pyro goes off and the theme song plays as the first match-up begins.


The screen then promotes the new Smackdown vs Raw 2010 videogame coming out this Fall! October 20, 2009! Then a hype up video for the ECW match-up is shown.


ECW Championship Match

Triple Threat

William Regal vs. Zack Ryder vs. Christian(c)

Written by Juan


Tony Chimel: This match is set for one fall and this is for the E-C-W Championship! This is a triple threat match where there are no count outs or disqualifications. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission.


Zack Ryder makes his entrance. He's wearing full pants this time where both his legs are covered. He has a look of determination and confidence. As he gets into the ring he shouts out, "WOO! WOO! WOO! I will be the new ECW Champion! You know it!" Now there is silence except fot the boos coming from the live audience. Music hits. Regal comes out with a sneer on his face. He is accompanied by Kozlov and Jackson. The boos get even louder. It's obvious to everyone in the arena that Kozlov and Jackson will make their presence known in this match. Regal gets into the ring ignoring the boos from the audience. He sets his eyes on Ryder, silently letting him know that Regal will be the winner of this one in the end.


Silence aqain!


After a minute there is still no sign of Christian. Tony Chimel hears something from the referee.


Tony: If Christian forfeits, he will lose his championship to the winner of the match between William Regal and Zack Ryder, as per the orders of Abraham Washington.


They wait another 10 seconds and then ring the bell. Ryder is very surprised and confused while Regal is expressionless. Kozlov and Jackson have an eerie presence outside the ring.


Matt: For some unusual reason Josh, Christian won't be part of this match. He has voluntarily given up his championship.


Josh: One thing's certain Matt, and that is we will have a NEW ECW Champion by the end of this night.


The fans are outrage about what happened. As Ryder gets the upper hand, they decide to get behind his back. Ryder hits a dropkick. As Regal gets up, Ryder hits a running clothesline. As he does it a second time, Regal counters it into a bodyslam. Regal takes a moment to catch his breath. He then stomps Ryder. He takes him by the hair and gets him to stand up. Ryder takes this opportunity to hit a low blow and run backwards. He bounces of the ropes and then hits a swinging neckbreaker on Regal. He goes for the pin. 1—2—and Regal kicks out. Regal is about to put Ryder in a headlock but Ryder counters it by pushing Regal to the floor and applying a crossface. Regal cries in pain. He shakes his head, "NO!" The crowd is cheering loud. Regal wants to tap out, but he is determined not to. Kozlov distracts the referee while Jackson pulls out Ryder to the outside of the ring. The referee soon turns back. He didn't see what happened, but he looks at Jackson when he sees Ryder on the outside. He can't do anything even if he wanted to as it is a No DQ. Regal is on the mat inside, staring up at the ceiling, free from his agony.


Ryder starts to get up with an angry look on his face. He gets back into the ring by the time Regal gets up. Ryder delivers a punch. Regal delivers one of his own. They trade punches back and forth for a while. Out of nowhere, Regal kicks Ryder in the guts and attacks him with a DDT. Ryder is out cold. He goes for the cover. 1—2—3? No the referee doesn't get to three as Ryder kicks out, which surprises Regal. Regal climbs to the top rope and connects with a crossbody. He goes for the pin again but Ryder still kicks out at the last second. He then goes to Jackson and tells him something. Jackson grabs a chair from nearby and hands it to Regal. Ryder gets up but Regal puts him down again with a hard chairshot to the head. Ryder is bleeding. Regal takes a moment's rest. He is about to hit Ryder again but...


Music hits. "If you close your eyes..." The crowd goes wild.


Josh: It's Christian. He's here. He didn't forfeit.


Matt: But Josh, look at his abs. He's injured.


It's true as his abdomens are covered with stitches.


Josh: Well I guess we can't be certain about having a new ECW Champion anymore.


Christian looks over to his 'peeps' and then stares at Regal. The pain Christian endures at that moment is obvious by the look on his face. Regal has a mix of confusion, astonishment and fury on his face. Jackson and Kozlov walk toward Christian as he walks toward the ring. That is when everyone notices not one, but two sticks—singapore canes—in his left hand. He uses them against the two. But soon Kozlov ignores the pain. He starts to attack Christian. The canes were no use. But while all this was happening, inside Ryder hit Regal with a chairshot from behing. Regal fell. Before Christian could get the worst from Kozlov or Jackson, Ryder saves him by hitting the two with the chair. He pushes Christian into the ring.


Ryder is the hero of the moment! But that moment is soon gone as he attacks Christian with the chair himself. All three men in the ring are bleeding.


Matt: It's official folks. It is now a triple threat again!


Ryder covers Christian. 1...2...NO! Christian kicks out. Ryder covers Regal, but he kicks out as well. Ryder is frustrated. Christian starts to get up. Ryder starts to perform a belly-to-belly suplex, but it is Christian who ends up doing it on Ryder. Christian then gets on to the tope—slowly, but carefully. As Ryder gets up, he lands a missile dropkick on him. Christian clutches his abs wriggling in pain. But he soon ignores it and gets up, only to fall back down, as Regal connects with a diving clothesline on christian from the top rope. On the outside, Kozlov and Jackson get up and throws the singapore canes into the ring. They then stand ringside, angry but quiet. The fans are booing loudly. One fan is holding a PEEP sign. In the ring, Ryder uses a cane against Ryder. He then performs a Regal-plex on Ryder. Regal then attacks Christian with a cane to make sure he doesn't get up, and then goes for the cover on Ryder. 1...2...NO! Regal waits as Ryder gets up. He attacks him with the knee trembler. He then looks at the fans in disgust making gestures that convey the message that he will be the new Champion.


But as he turns around to go for the pin, Christian lands a punch on him. He lands two more and then irish whips Regal to the ropes. As he bounces back, Christian performs an inverted atomic drop. He then successfully performs the Killswitch. It's over. 1—2—3? No, it's not over as Regal kicks out. He goes for the pin again, but before the referee can count, rolls himself out as Ryder falls from the top rope to connect with a diving elbow on Regal. Christian saved himself. He then scoop slams Ryder. As Ryder gets up, Christian hits him with the Killswitch and it's lights out for Ryder. But out of nowhere comes Regal with a knee trembler on Christian. As Christian is on the floor, Regal performs the Regal Stretch. Christian is screaming in agony. His abs are in excruciating pain. He moves around trying to escape from this glimpse into hell. Ryder is still on the floor. The fans are chanting Christian's name, but it's no use. Christian doesn't want to give in. He wants to fight. But he cannot endure this anymore. He must free himself. He slaps his hand on the mat three times, nodding his head in shame. It's over.


Christian tapped out. The bell is rung.


Tony: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner and NEW ECW Champion, William Regal!


Christian and Ryder are on the floor. Regal celebrates in the ring with the belt. He is soon accompanied by Kozlov and Jackson and they raise their hands together in victory. It soon sinks in to everyone. William Regal is the new Champion!. The crowd is not happy about the result.


Matt: The night has just begun and we have already crowned a new champion.


Josh: What will be the aftermath of this huge victory. One thing is for sure, ECW will no longer be the same!


Raw’s Hell In A Cell

Written by Greg Bush


King: Well, time for the big boys to take over the PPV. I’m sure Smackdown will do great and ECW had one hell of a match, but they won’t match up Raw!


Cole: I think you’re right King. We have three big matches tonight, and one major announcement about our tag team division.


King: Well, let’s make sure everyone here understands the story of our first match. Kofi Kingston, the superstar who currently holds the U.S. title, has defied the odds many time in his reign. He’s dominated many stars, and he’s even made certain people look a little foolish…Miz…cough cough…. And last Monday we had a collision between three contenders for the title.


Evan Bourne faced Kofi for the title, but after noticing Swagger taking out Kofi, Bourne told the ref and disqualified himself. Then he told Swagger and Miz that he would face them at HIAC.


Cole: We have three very impressive young athletes here to take on Kofi. Oh, after the match, the winner takes on Kofi next. It’s kind of like a gauntlet.


King: Let’s get started!


Match for #1 Contendership for U.S. Title: Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne


Swagger gets down to the ring first, doing his patented amazing three pushups. He gets in the ring. Miz comes out after, wearing an American Flag Shirt that says “It’s Awesome”. Miz gets down to the ring and Swagger boots him. Miz is out cold! Swagger goes up to the stage and waits for Evan. Evan comes out expecting Swagger, and ducks the clothesline. He hits a pele kick to the back of Swagger’s head!


King: Wow, looks like Evan has scouted all the dirty tricks.


Evan brings Swagger down to the ring. He throws him into the stairs. Miz wakes up just as Evan gets in the ring. Miz runs at Evan and ducks a clothesline. Miz then applies a Full Nelson. Evan turns it into a modified jawbreaker. Evan gets up, runs off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the legs. Miz hits his face hard on the ring. Swagger is starting to get up, but Evan sees him. He jumps over the turnbuckle, and catches Swagger with a hurricanrana!


Cole: Oh my God! What in the Hell?


BUT! Swagger catches Evan! He turns it into a slam into the stairs, then the barrier, and then hits the Swagger Bomb outside the ring! The fans high five Swagger as they see tremendous power from Swagger. He gets into the ring to take on the Miz. Miz is on the top ropes and nails a flying clothesline. Then he goes for the Reality Check, but Swagger evades, and hits a reverse STO! Swagger sets Miz up for the Swagger Bomb, but Evan is sitting on the turnbuckle.


He jumps off and hits his double knee attack right on Swagger. He then turns around and kicks Miz right in the head with a Shining Wizard. 1..2..Miz kicks out. Swagger throws Evan out of the way, picks up Miz, and Evan takes Swagger’s legs out. Miz stumbles over to Evan. Evan tries to hit a clothesline, but Miz ducks again. He catches him in the Skullcrushing Finale! 1..2..Evan grabs the ropes!


Miz looks around the ring and goes outside. He grabs a chair, but Evan jumps and hits a flying dropkick through the ropes and onto the chair. Miz is out cold. Swagger gets outside and tosses Evan into the barrier. He picks him up, and drops him right on his throat. He follows up with a back body drop, tossing Evan onto the stairs. Evan is holding his back in pain.


Cole: Oh…oh my Lord... Evan… Evan Bourne may have just broken his back…


Swagger picks Evan up and tosses him in the ring. He looks like he’s getting the Swagger Bomb ready, but Miz swings a chair at him. Swagger ducks, kicks him in the gut and nails the Swagger Bomb! 1..2..3! Swagger is the new #1 contender! Evan gets up, and shakes Swaggers hand. Swagger looks over at Miz, worried. Evan turns around, and Swagger boots him in the back of the head! Swagger tosses Miz and Evan outside.


U.S. Title Fight: Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger


Kofi Kingston’s music plays, and the U.S. champ gets a huge ovation from the crowd. Kofi makes his way to the middle of the stage, and the fireworks go off. It’s clear that the crowd is behind their champion. Kofi gets down to the stage, and spears Swagger. The match starts with Kofi pouncing on the #1 contender. He’s just pounding Swagger and the ref pulls him off. The ref is talking to Kofi, and Swagger tries a cheap shot.


Kofi pulls the ref out of the way, and Swagger hits his head on the top turnbuckle. Kofi hits his jumping ten punches. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..(Kofi does his Boom Boom Boom taunt) 10! Kofi jumps off. Swagger falls down on one knee. Kofi tries to hit the TIP early, but Swagger ducks, and throws him over the ropes. He follows the champ, and pulls out the steps. He places Kofi in between the steps and outside corner. Swagger gets in a three-point stance…


King: No, no, no no no no no!!!


Swagger kicks the steps right into the U.S. Champ! Kofi’s body crumbles over the stairs. Swagger pulls the stairs out, and Kofi falls over. Swagger has a big smile on his face. He tosses the champ in the ring. Swagger sets up for the Swagger Bomb, but Evan Bourne distracts the ref?


Cole: What’s Evan doing?


Miz comes in from behind and hits the Skull Crushing Finale! They both high-tail it out from ringside. Both of the men stumble up to their feet. Swagger turns around to… a Trouble In Paradise! Kofi hits his finisher and falls over. Swagger is out, and so is Kofi, but he manages to put his foot over Swagger. 1..2..3! The champ retains!


Kofi wins, but he can’t move. He’s lying in the ring with a smile… until someone runs into the ring. He’s wearing a pale white mask. He locks in some sort of inverted reverse Figure-4 leg lock on Kingston! Kofi’s tapping! He’s tapping!



King: He’s tapping Damn It! Stop!!!

Cole: What the Hell? Don’t do this! Stop it!


The masked man lets the hold go, and walks away. The mask has a smile.


King: Damn it! After all that punishment, all that torture, what was that for? Why attack Kofi Kingston?


The camera goes backstage to Todd Grisham


Todd: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here with the WWE Champion, John Cena!

Cena: Todd, how yah been man? Doin good? Get that thing checked out?


Todd: The thing? What are you…


Cena: Todd, man… look, its okay. I’m your friend. You already told me what happened.


Todd: Well, I didn’t think I told you about…

Cena: Of course you told me about your car. Remember, how you got hit by Hornswoggle’s bicycle and you ran the little kid off the road?


Todd: Oh, yea. I forgot all about that.


Cena; Yeah, what were you talking about? You know what? Never mind. I don’t want to know. Anyways, what was I here for? Oh yeah. Randy Orton. Orton, you think what happened at Breaking Point was a fluke right? You think that me making you say “I Quit” was a misunderstanding by the ref. Um, boys?


(A video is seen of Orton screaming I quit over and over again.)


Cena: Yeah, I understand that. I mean, there’s no way you quit. So you get to redeem yourself tonight. You get to take me on in a Cell. Hell in a cell. You’re known as the Viper. You strike when we least expect it… well… So far it seems you can’t live up to your name. And tonight won’t be any different.



Hell In A Cell Match for WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Randy Orton


John Cena comes down to the ring first after the cage has lowered. He gets in, and the refs close and lock the door. Cena is confused. He doesn’t know why they would lock it before Orton got in. He looks around, and gets near the ring apron only to get pulled under. You can hear these screams of pain and torture by Cena. He’s rolled out later, and Orton comes out holding a pipe. Orton tosses Cena into the cage and grates his face on the unforgiving chain.


He puts Cena in the corner of the cage and grabs some rope from under the ring. He ties Cena’s arms in the chain-link cage and picks up a chair from under the ring. He gets ready and then hits Cena in the face five times. Cena’s fighting the pull of the ropes, trying to break free. It’s no use. Cena isn’t going anywhere. Orton puts the chair around Cena’s neck and gets on the ring apron. He runs on the side and jumps, hitting a flying shoulder tackle on the chair. Cena’s body goes limp.


Orton unties Cena and throws him into the ring. He goes for the pin. 1..2..Cena kicks out! Cena rolls over to the ropes to try and pick himself up, but Orton kicks him in the ribs. Orton stomps all over the champ. He then picks him up, sets him up in the ropes, and hits an elevation DDT. 1..2..Cena kicks out again! Orton goes back under the ring to look for more weapons. He finds a table. He brings it in and sets it up in the middle. When he turns around, Cena hits a desperation power-slam on Orton.


Cena gets back to his feet first. He throws Orton into the ropes and does a back body toss. He follows that up with a series of clotheslines. He then picks Orton up and slams him by the corner. He goes up top and hits his diving leg drop face-buster. 1..2..Orton kicks out. Cena goes under the ring and grabs another table.


King: I thought this was a Hell in a Cell? What’s with all the weapons.


Cole: I’m sure the weapons are making this pure hell King.


Cena stacks the table on top of the one put up by Orton. He then picks him up. Cena does a military press on Orton. He’s getting ready to toss him into the tables, but Orton wiggles out and hits an RKO!! 1..2..Cena grabs the ropes! Orton sets up for a punt. He goes for it… and misses. Cena reverses into an STFU! Orton almost taps, but gouges the eyes of the champion. Orton gets out the ring and busts open the door. Orton’s out! Orton stumbles around the ring and gets the title. He tries to get back up the ramp but Cena stops him with a powerful clothesline.


Cena throws him into the cage. He continues to do so again and again. He then puts Orton in the F-U (I don’t call it the attitude adjustment. It’s the F-U damn it!) but Orton climbs up the cage. Orton is up top and laughing, thinking he has escaped the wrath of the champ. Obviously he is wrong, because Cena is chasing him. Cena gets up top only for Orton to throw him in the middle of the cage. He continuously stomps on the champ again. He then puts Cena in a Dragon Sleeper. Cena is fighting, but his arm is down. The ref has to go up top to check. He gets there without falling somehow, and checks the champion’s arm. 1…. 2…. Cena gets his arm up the third time. The ref says the fight has to go on, and Orton turns the sleeper into a reverse DDT. 1..2..Cena kicks out!


Orton doesn’t believe it. He picks Cena back up and starts to brawl with the champ. He hits him a good six times, and Cena almost falls off the cage, but he ducks the last punch and hits a half nelson suplex. 1..2..Orton kicks out. Cena is throwing his arms up getting ready for an F-U. Just as he does, Legacy comes out. Legacy gets up the cell and go after Cena. Cena is down on the ceiling. They apply their submission maneuver they had at breaking point, but then the music hits!


Are you ready? D-X runs up the cage and take Legacy off of Cena. They start to brawl. D-X is winning the fight as HHH hits a Double-A spinebuster and Michaels hits a spike DDT. Cena is all over Orton with the 5-knuckle shuffle. Orton gets up and Cena F-U’s him finally! Orton is in extreme pain. D-X looks up and does their patented crotch X. Right when it’s done, green paint splatters Legacy and the pieces of cage surrounding them. They stumble to their feet and slip right off the cage! They land on the announce tables and break through them!!


King: What the? OH MY GOD!! Legacy just fell through the announce tables!!


Cole: Uh… King… Look up.


D-X gets ready, look at eachother, and get ready to dive. Shawn Michaels does his Elbow Drop and HHH hits a leg drop! Legacy and D-X are out cold! Cena watches this, laughing. He turns around to a vicious RKO! Orton waits for Cena to get to his knees and…. He’s punted in the head by Orton! Orton goes for the cover. 1..2..Cena gets his shoulder up! Orton is completely astonished. He has no idea what to do to take out Cena.


He gets down on his knuckles. Orton is pouncing up and down. He’s anxious to hit the RKO on Cena. Cena stumbles up and Orton goes for the RKO, but Cena catches Orton! He turns it into a Diamond Cutter (That’s the best way I can put the picture in your head of how this is done. I know the technical term is not the Diamond Cutter) and the cage breaks!!!


King/Cole: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cena and Orton go through both tables! Cena just hit a cutter through the cage ceiling and two tables! Orton isn’t moving. The ref gets down to the ring and starts to count. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… Cena gets up. He goes over and covers Orton. 1..2..3! Cena retains the title! Cena is still the WWE Champion!


King: Cole, I have never seen what we’ve just seen today. That was dangerous, reckless, and just brutal by John Cena. I don’t even think Orton is moving.


Cole: He isn’t Orton hasn’t moved since that drop! Someone call the staff down here!


Cena is the first one to do so. He calls for the staff, who come down rushing with a stretcher and I.V.’s. Cena helps put Orton on the stretcher. They put the I.V.’s in and give Orton an oxygen mask. Cena gets back in the ring and raises his hands in victory. Cena is still the WWE Champion!!


This has been a Bushboy Inc. Production.


WWE Smackdown Hell In A Cell Match Results


J.R.: Hello folks and welcome to the Smackdown side of Hell in a Cell as we have some big-time matches headed your way this evening, like the next match!


Todd: That’s totally positive as the next match up of the evening is the very first ever Women’s Ladder Match for the WWE Women’s Championship Title!


(All of a sudden the screen shows the history of ladder matches and women’s involvement in it. Then the build-up begins for the Women’s Ladder Match.)


Melina’s theme hits and she makes her way down to the ring. She has a look of confidence as she does her special splits entrance on the apron on the ring. Then McCool comes down to the ring with Layla and she looks very sneaky as she may have something up her sleeve.


WWE Women’s Ladder Match

WWE Women’s Title Match

Melina vs Michelle McCool © w/ Layla


McCool and Melina slowly walks to the center of the ring looking up at the title. McCool looks at Melina and slaps the hell out of her. Melina stumbles backwards and quickly spears McCool and begins to rain down right handed blows to the head of McCool. Melina gets her up to her feet and tries to go for a clothesline, but McCool ducks the shot and hits her special kick to the face of Melina!


McCool looks down at Melina and laughs. She then tells Layla to slide in a ladder. McCool sets up the ladder that Layla slid in, but while she was doing so, Melina hits a dropkick causing McCool’s face to smack the ladder hard! When she goes down, Melina climbs the ladder, but Layla gets into the ring and begins to climb the ladder as well.


All of a sudden, Maria comes running down to the ring. Melina and Layla are trading blows on the top of the ladder and Melina looks to be getting ready to fall, but Maria climbs the ladder behind Layla and gets her on her shoulders. She falls back and hits a huge electric chair drop on Layla!


(The crowd is going nuts as the WWE Divas are igniting the live audience.)

McCool gets up and climbs the ladder. Melina’s fingertips are touching the title, but McCool begins to deliver some Punk-like kicks to the head of Melina. Melina blocks a kick and delivers a huge right hand and McCool is dazed. Melina grabs McCool and hits a huge swinging neckbreaker off of the top of the ladder!


All four women are down and the ref is still checking on Maria and Layla. Maria and Layla slowly begins to move and they begin to trade blows. Layla gets the best of the exchange and kicks Maria hard in the gut. She then tosses Maria over the top rope. Layla then climbs to the top rope herself and sets up for something.


Melina slowly, but surely gets to her feet and Layla dives off with a flying cross-body, but Melina dropkicks her in the gut in mid-air! Layla in pain rolls out of the ring. As soon as Melina turns around, McCool goes for her kick again, but Melina dodges the shot.


They then begin to trade blows. McCool then pokes Melina in the eye and delivers a huge german suplex. Layla and Maria are still on the outside fighting each other. Layla tries to throw Maria into the ring post, but Maria reverses the maneuver and Layla smacks the steel post. Maria then looks under the ring and pulls out a table!


(The live audience is in shock!)


Maria sets the table up on the outside. Back inside the ring, Melina and McCool are still fighting hard! Melina bounces off of the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but McCool reverses and goes for a d-d-t, but Melina reverses and hits a Perfect-Plex!


Melina then points to the title and the crowd is going nuts! Melina begins to climb the ladder again. Maria gets into the ring with a chair. She swings for the dazed McCool’s head, but McCool ducks the shot and dropkicks the chair right into the face of Maria! McCool quickly gets back to her feet and begins to climb the ladder.


Melina and McCool are on the ladder trading blows at the top. All of a sudden, The Hart Dynasty’s music plays and Natalya comes out with a smile on her face. Melina and McCool stops fighting and look at Natalya in confusion. Natalya gets into the ring and pushes the ladder over!


Both Melina and McCool goes through the table on the outside of thee ring set up by Maria! Natalya the resets the ladder and climbs. Natalya grabs the title and raises it in victory. The ref is confused and he raises Natalya’s hand in the air.


Roberts: The winner of this match and the new WWE Women’s Champion, Natalya!


(The crowd is still in shock as Natalya makes her way to the back, officials, Layla and Maria, check on the downed Melina and McCool. The camera then cuts backstage to Eve.)


Eve: Hello ladies and gentlemen and please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk!


(CM Punk walks onto the screen.)


Well Punk in just about a few moments, you are set to face The Phenom himself, The Undertaker in what’s expected to be the most hellacious World Championship Match-up of all time in a Hell in a Cell!


Punk: Most people would look on paper and automatically count me out of retaining my title tonight, but those same people have forgotten that I am the only WWE Superstar in the history of the WWE who has ever defeated that dead guy by making him submit…


Eve: But at Breaking Point, the footage clearly shows that The Undertaker never…


Punk: Never what Eve, huh? Where you going to say that he never tapped out? Well in that case, you’re right, but neither you nor the rest of this damn WWE Universe were in the ring that close to him. Had you been, you would’ve heard him tell the ref that he quits!


I challenge all of the disease ridden addicts to try and see the footage again, you can clearly read his lips and see that he said, I QUIT! But I know that everyone will deny that fact so I thought, why not give him a rematch so I can beat him at his own game!


I’m going to show all of you alcoholics that I’m more vicious and sadistic than the Undertaker will ever be. You see, he’s way past his prime and he is still feeling the effects of Breaking Point, while I’ve yet to reach my prime, I’m the World Champ, and I’m 100% and ready to go to hell with The Demon of Death Valley.


Tonight, the WWE will witness a new dawning over the entire world and you will all realize that the Undertaker’s long reign of terror is over. Deadman, your career tonight, will REST IN PEACE!


The camera then shows the build-up of the John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler rivalry.


Roberts: The following match-up is scheduled for one-fall and it’s for the Intercontinental Championship Title! Introducing first all the way from Hollywood, California, Dolph Ziggler!


(Dolph comes out with a huge smile on his face and the crowd is really booing him terribly!)


Now introducing the Intercontinental Champion, hailing from Los Angeles, California, John Morrison!


(John Morrison comes out in black, red and white colors.)


WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Match:

One-on-one Singles Match:

Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison ©


As soon as the bell rings, The Hart Dynasty comes out to ringside. Morrison and Ziggler locks up and Ziggler gets Morrison in a headlock. Morrison then tries to throw Ziggler off, but Ziggler holds on tightly. Morrison then picks him up and tries to go for a back s


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