Packers-Vikings: The Anticipation Leading Up To The Game

Mike CraigCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2009

As a football fan, anyone should be excited for tonight's game between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings; Aaron Rodgers against Brett Favre. I am going to approach this as a fan and not a writer.

The Packers are my team, no confusion about that. Yet Brett Favre is my favorite player. In a Mike Craig perfect world, Brett Favre has an amazing day, and the Green Bay Packers walk out of Minnesota with a victory giving the rival Vikings their first loss of the season. If any team can do it, it would rightfully be the Green Bay Packers.

However, as a realist, and as my predictions have shown, I think the Green Bay Packers will fall to 2-2 while the Vikings move to 4-0. Brett Favre will probably not even be much of a blip on the radar as Adrian Peterson will end up rushing for almost 200 yards and three touchdowns. Favre may get one touchdown and it will probably be either Chester Taylor or Percy Harvin who catches it.

Aaron Rodgers will probably throw his first interception of the season, or at least only throw for 130 something yards. Ryan Grant will rush for less than 50 yards, as Minnesota's defensive unit will run all over the Packers' offense.

Regardless of the outcome of this game, as a fan, I will probably be disappointed, unless the Packers win. If the Vikings win, Favre probably won't be a factor.

Sure, if Favre wins, he will become the only player in NFL History to beat all 32 teams, as if Brett Favre needs any other records. No matter what, this game will go down as a really good one. If it turns out to be a shoot out, then that would be something unexpected. If it turns out to be a one-sided matchup, that will also be unexpected.

Be ready for some Monday Night Football.