Ken Griffey Jr: The Quiet March to 600

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IJune 2, 2008

The memories gained from baseball are many. Whether sitting back with a beer in front of a TV or driving to the ball park on a sunny afternoon and relaxing beside a ranting fan and a hot dog, America's sport is as gratifying as it gets.

However, the actions in the baseball world over the past couple of years have only given the motivation to change the channel.

Enhancing drugs, trials derived from usage of enhancing drugs, and lies, which will undoubtedly be taken to the grave of players before heading to a jail cell, has tired the souls of the baseball community.

So watching a young pitcher survive cancer to comeback and throw the game of his of life or witnessing Manny Ramirez high five a fan before throwing out the runner fills the soul and brings us back, little by little, to the game we love.


However, writing or speaking about a career that Ken Griffey Jr. could have had, breaks the heart.

A player never rumored to be taking steroids or involved in distractions off the field, only to be held back by injuries, is devastating. This is a factor that has Barry Bonds relieved until Alex Rodriguez accomplishes the unstoppable.

The stats that could have been achieved on Junior's talent are unimaginable, and the baseball's 2008 wrinkled face could have received an immediate face lift with the records "The Natural" would have broken.

So, watching a crushed ball land in the high seats from what could have been the greatest all-around baseball player ever will be priceless.

And the sensation of reaching the select 600 home run club has been long due in his career and for all Griffey fans from around the world. 

A feat that speaks volumes and transcends time!

An early congratulations to Ken “The Kid” Griffey Jr. and the inevitable.