WWE RAW Preview: It's All About The Moneeeeey!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 2, 2008

n the night after WWE’s most extreme event of the year, One Night Stand, WWE Monday Night RAW airs LIVE from Bakersfield, California.

Last Night, we saw a tragic end to the Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship. The Champion Triple H retained the title, but the biggest news of the night was the injury of his opponent Randy Orton.

During their match, Randy Orton landed awkwardly on the ground after being thrown over the top ropes. Just when he made impact, fans everywhere knew something was wrong. Orton was helped out of the arena and went straight to the hospital. The impact of the fall broke Randy Orton’s left collarbone.

“The Legend Killer” will undergo further examination today to know the extent of the injury, but it looks like Randy Orton may be sidelined for a while.

What does this mean for the Champion Triple H? “The King of Kings” still holds the most covenant Title in the WWE, and no doubt there’s a target on his back. Who will step up to the challenge? Who will want to play the game?

After his victory last night against JBL in a First Blood Match, John Cena might be the next one in line once again. Or how about the man who flew off a production truck last night right on Umaga, Jeff Hardy! RAW is full of potential contenders, who will take that next step to challenge Triple H?

Also last night at One Night Stand, we saw Shawn Michaels being carried out on a stretcher and lose his match against Batista. But during the match, in an odd term of events, Chris Jericho kept coming out for words of encouragement to “The Showstopper”.

Will HBK be physically able to attend RAW, and what will Chris Jericho be up to? Remember, The Intercontinental Champion will defend his title at The Night of Champions, just a few weeks away.

Speaking of Titles, Beth Phoenix’s path back to the WWE Women’s Championship continued last night after she made Melina say “I Quit”. The Glamazon wants her Title back, but you bet Mickie James will do anything to keep the Championship.

Finally, we will finally hear more about Vince McMahon’s huge announcement he made last week. He calls it “Mr. McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania”. No doubt everyone is waiting for the details on how to get their hands on that Money Money …Yeah Yeah!

All this and more! The Night of Champions is just a few weeks away! Who will challenge for what Titles? Tune in on WWE Monday Night RAW tonight on The USA Network and The Score, and see you all again next week.

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