New York Jets: They Do Have a Plan, Right?

Curly MorrisAnalyst IJune 2, 2008

I don't understand what the Jets plan on doing this season.

In two seasons as gang-green's head coach, the Mangenius is batting under .500 so far, and the Patriots have shown no signs of slowing down.

Couple that with the fact that New York's favorite football coach has taken over the reigns of AFC East rival Miami, and Buffalo finished three games ahead of the Jets last season (beating them twice), you have to wonder how Mangini's crew plans on not finishing in the division cellar.

New York used its first-round draft pick on Ohio State's Vernon Gholston, who in my estimation is Johnathan Vilma in a three-point stance. Gholston may be a productive player, but currently, in the eyes of many football pundits, the jury is still out on the former Buckeye who has been accused of being a little on the lazy side. In Mangini's 3-4 defensive scheme, Gholston needs to be playing linebacker.

The Jets then waited until the sixth round to draft a wide receiver, deciding to first shore-up their already crowded tight-end roster, and bring in yet another quarterback with a weak arm in Tennessee's Erik Ainge.

The Jets then decided to add Musa Smith to the glutton of running backs on the roster, and hired Bill Callahan...(Bill Callahan?!) to coach some part of the offense, although I have no idea what he could actually bring to the table.

Do the Jets plan on running a pro-set offensive scheme this season? I mean, they have to do something with all of those running backs and tight ends...right?

How does Callahan's knowledge of the running game, or lack thereof, benefit the offense?

Since the Jets drafted Ainge, is Chad trade bait? Shouldn't he be? It's not like the Jets didn't already have three QBs on the roster, and there's a reason that Pennington was benched in favor of Kellen Clemens last year. Chad can't get the ball downfield when he's healthy enough to even be on the field.

It is very possible that the Jets are becoming New York's football version of the Knicks. Just bringing in big names that sound good, but do not actually fit any real, winning formula or scheme.

The most exciting news out of Jets camp has been the fact that fashion designer Marc Ecko has taken over as designer and consultant for the Jets' cheerleading squad, "The Flight Crew". The roster of that group has jumped from 10 members in 2007 to 22 for the upcoming season.

"You (ladies) are a part of history..." Crew Director Denise Garvey told 52 finalists for the 22 roster spots.

At least somebody in the Jets organization plans on making history this season.