CYRUS 99 STARKContributor IOctober 5, 2009

BLACKBURN, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 10:  Sam Allardyce, manager of Blackburn Rovers looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Blackburn Rovers and Hull City at Ewood Park on February 10, 2010 in Blackburn, England.  (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

(This is my very first article so I apologise for any mistakes or lack of writing style.)

I have to begin by remarking that I never thought my first article on Football would be about someone I have absolutely no respect for,actually if I am completely honest Sam Allardyce represents pretty much everything I think is negative about 'The Beautiful Game' so having said that the reason I decided to dedicate a whole article to this mentally Inbred Imbecile is this; As a loyal & Proud Arsene Wenger fan & Arsenal supporter I was obviously celebrating & enjoying all the plaudits & compliments that were coming Wengers way on account of his becoming our longest serving manager,I also was enjoying the many articles that had been written in his honor, (I especially enjoyed 'A 13 Gun Salute!' by Asser Ghozlan) I also liked the fact that his old nemesis Alex Ferguson could put aside their fierce rivalry for a day & give him some well earned respect.

But then as I started looking up other websites one article stuck out like the proverbial 'sore thumb' it was about how mr Allardyce hoped Arsene Wenger respected him as a fellow manager & how even though they had a "rivalry" over the years he believed that it should not prevent Wenger from having respect for him.

After reading that Garbage I decided I should write this article as I have been wanting to get my views on Sam 'little Britain' allardyce off my chest for a while now,first of all,to have a rivalry you need to be on the same level whether it be achievements, experience intelligence,tactics,knowledge of the game and most important of all success,all are fields in which Wenger has proved himself time & time again,I don't  need to list the many titles won and his countless triumphs & achievements as Arsenal's greatest and as of now longest serving manager,by contrast, the closest mr Allardyce has come to a title was a carling cup loser's medal & his 'greatest achievement' was leading Bolton into Europe,Doesn't even come close does it? Never mind the fact that 'the Man from Strasbourg' has Revolutionised not only Arsenal as a club but the whole league,everything from the way Arsenal play football, training methods,player diets,youth set ups as well as state of the art training ground facilities & the way clubs are run today,in all these things Wenger has had a massive influence,even the national team has benefited from his endless knowledge of the game,David Seaman himself claimed that he introduced some of Wenger's fitness & training regimes to the national team setup & the benefits were immediate.Fact is,no one has done more than Arsene Wenger as far as shaping the EPL into the force it is today,it is widely regarded as one of the top four leagues in Europe,when Wenger first arrived on these shores the 'Carling Premiership' as it was known then would have been lucky to make the top ten.Match that mr allardyce!

Next up,RESPECT,a fine word but completely useless unless put into practice & in my experience the people who use the word the most are usually the ones who have none whatsoever or at least do not have a clue as to what it actually means,the current Blackburn manager falls right into the first category in my opinion,so how an ignorant fool like allardyce could expect Wenger to respect him as an an equal is laughable in the extreme as the former Bolton & Newcastle boss stands for everything that Wenger Loathes & has fought and continues to fight against in Football,namely,negative football, violent play,cowardice,cheating,Ignorance and Xenophobia,before anybody says I am going over the top with these accusations,let me remind you Allardyce was one the first people who started this 'Foreigners coming to take our jobs' stigma that has been besmirching the British game for the last few years now with mindless comments like;'If my name was Allardiccie I would get more respect & would be offered  bigger jobs' And what about 'Rafa Benitez will never understand the importance of winning the EPL because he is foreign' or how about everytime Arsenal would play his old Bolton team? We were played the same old broken record of 'I hope the ref keeps a very close eye on the Arsenal payers as they foreigners with a foreign manager & we all know that it's in their make up to cheat as opposed to British players who are mostly honest' Now I am not saying Arsenal players have never been guilty of simulation or of conning match officials,what I am saying is EVERY team in every league is guilty of the same offence (Both foreign & BRITISH) and top of the pile should be sam as he is an old hand at this game as countless Arsenal supporters will testify,he could be heard time & time again yelling at his players ordering his players to stay down after being fouled in order to get opponents booked or sent off or to waste time while defending a lead.

As far as Sam's value as a manager,and I use the term 'manage' with a huge pinch of salt where he is concerned cause a monkey with learning difficulties could do the same job he does in my opinion,but if we take a look at his work over the past six years or so then you'll see he has been responsible for some the most boring,negative & violent tactics not seen since the 'dark ages' of the 70s.I actually believe part of the blame for Eduardo's injury should be lain at his door as he was the one who infamously claimed that the best way to stop Arsenal was to kick Arsenal.Let me make something clear,I have nothing against physical or robust sports quite the opposite actually as growing up I played street ball & American football every day & my family moved to Europe I was introduced to street soccer in Amsterdam which is about as tough as you can get as far as skill & toughness,tackles would fly & fights were common place but not once did someone come on to the streets or the courts with the intention or willingness to cause injury or harm to anybody,on the other hand sam's tactics are all about causing harm or at least intimidate opponents into believing that his team are ready & willing to cause injury & then crying bloody murder whenever someone turns around and gives them a taste of their own medicine,It's like Wenger stated recently;It does not take any courage or mental fortitude to maliciously kick & foul someone,what takes true bravery is to play with skill & inspiration & refuse to lower your level to an opponent who spends 90 minutes kicking you black & blue.

In closing,I think the British game would be a lot better off with less people like mr allardyce & his sidekick Phil brown as well as the equally dimwitted stuart pearce and could do with a lot more individuals with the class & intelligence of Men like Steve Coppell,Tony Mowbray,Owen Coyle and the late Bobby Robson.

PS:I just want to make it clear that I have nothing against Newcastle,Blackburn or Bolton as clubs at all,this is all about Sam allardyce.