The WWE Looks At Webster's Dictionary: Its Picture Is Next to Stupidity

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 5, 2009

Last night we saw the WWE's newest gimmick PPV, known simply as Hell in a Cell. While I am not so much happy with the name, that was never my concern. My main concern was the stupidity of having a gimmick PPV to begin with.

Seriously people, do we really need three Hell in a Cell matches in one night? I don't think so. And what makes it even less appealing is that blood was not involved at all. And as I mentioned in a previous article, the WWE didn't want to do as much with the cage as they did in the past, because of the PG rating.

You'd think that because the WWE was on PPV last night, that it would kinda let some blood flow. They talk about having a family show, which I can understand. Keep in mind, the WWE was PG-13 before and kids were still watching and in the audience.

I personally have watched the WWE since I was a kid, and I grew up in the Attitude era. During this time, WWE RAW was probably the most controversial TV show in the PG-13 format.

When we hit year 2000, things started to dim down a bit. Then in 2001, as we all know, WCW was purchased and the WWE could realistically do anything they wanted because they were their own competition.

And they still are, as a matter of fact.

The WWE could show why they are the big dogs and give us far more compelling television, yet they don't. Keep the show realistic, at least. I can tell you from what I have seen, someone bleeds when they get a sledgehammer to the head.

Why Rhodes didn't bleed after Triple H hit him with one last night was beyond me. Sure, Triple H didn't really hit him, but Rhodes should have gigged some to show he was hurt. The match was over pretty much right after that, anyway, so you couldn't end the night with some blood flow, WWE?

You heard the fans chanting "we want blood" profusely. And that was in all of the Cell matches, not just at the end.

The WWE fans want blood—heck, even kids want it! You want to give the kids what they want, right WWE? If little Jimmy asks for blood, will you give it to him?

Does a kid have to go to the WWE's head offices in Connecticut and tell McMahon "GIVE US BLOOD" before it can happen? I think the WWE could give us that, at least. The language could stay where it is at, call people poopy heads instead of bastards and bitches. But come on, blood should be on the list of things we can see in PG.

I have seen it in PG before, so I know it's possible. We don't have to see it in every match; heck, now that Flair is gone, you won't have to see it every show. Just give it to us when it's needed.

But this was not my only problem with last night, far from it.

The scheduling was absolutely nuts!

A World Championship match as the first match? Look, WWE, I know you wanted to spread out the HIAC matches last night, but a World Title match first?

Heck, give us DX vs. Legacy first if you have to give us a HIAC match. Why end with DX vs. Legacy, anyway?

I think Orton/Cena makes sense for an ending.

And seriously, Drew McIntyre and R-Truth as the second-to-last match? Are you kidding me?

Also, the Taker/Punk match didn't even last long, either. The match seemed to be totally one-sided, having Taker rule. Sure, this is his match and all, but Punk deserved to go over a bit on him.

I think it would be great for Punk to come out a champ, because if he did it would make him look great. I mean, think of this, he beats Jeff Hardy in his own match, then Taker in his.

Punk would really be hated then, especially by Taker fans. And because Hardy and Taker seem to be the top favs by the fans (Hardy was while with the WWE), Punk would be booed more than Vickie Guerrero.

Also, the match probably didn't last long because of Taker's health issues. He is still having knee problems and it would make far more sense for him to lose and give Batista a storyline with Punk.

Batista is probably the top guy behind Taker on SmackDown, and the whole storyline with the Unified Tag Champions is a waste, if you ask me. Put him in the World Title hunt, it doesn't mean he has to win the title, of course.

Taker now has to work another few weeks and then the PPV coming up soon, Bragging Rights. This win for Taker meant that the WWE had to give a heel a World Title to balance things, which meant that Randy Orton had to come out WWE Champion.

This is incredibly stupid, WWE, I mean incredibly.

You say John Cena is your top guy, yet you give him only a month as Champion? I don't care if you love or hate Cena, that's just bad booking. Cena deserved to hold the title for a few months, then he can drop it.

Your top guy, no matter who it is, needs to have the World Title for an extended period of time to make him actually look like the top guy. There is no reason to take it off of him so quickly.

Orton just came off of having the WWE Title for a few months off and on, and does not deserve to hold it again for at least another two months, if you ask me. Give Cena a decent three-month reign.

The WWE seems to really think that they can just throw around the World Title like it's nothing. Heck, the Unified Tag Titles have been held longer! That is sad, when tag titles seem to be more of a legit title than your World Titles.

I guess we will see the likes of Triple H and John Cena go after the tag titles now, to make them look like great champions after they beat the seemingly dominate JeriShow.

Also one thing people should keep in mind is that Ted DiBiase will be turning face this month, and should be rivaling Orton. There is no reason he should go after and possibly win the WWE Title, as he is clearly not at World Title level.

Some say Orton was not when he won his first, but I personally think he was ready. He held the Intercontental Title and looked like a great singles champion, so the WWE took the chance.

They had plenty of heels on the show, and needed a possible main event face, which Orton could be. And he was just that for a little while, as he rivaled Triple H.

Now, since Bragging Rights is supposed to be toward the end of this month or early November, it would seem that the WWE would take the title off of Orton to have him rival DiBiase.

It would be bad for business to have DiBiase/Orton in the World Title match when that could be contested without the title and another main event storyline with Cena can be done at Survivor Series.

Having two top storylines on one show is better than one, this much is obvious. So, if that does happen, it would mean Orton would drop the title like Cena did, a month after he won it.

So does it really make sense for Orton to win the WWE Title now? No. You keep the title on Cena and have him face off against another opponent.

Of course, people will make the excuse that Orton had to win or he wouldn't get another WWE Title opportunity. Of course it makes sense, but with the guest hosts coming on every week—some significantly small—Orton could easily force them into giving him a WWE Title match.

Or, he could possibly earn himself a title shot. So, there are many ways he could get back into the World Title picture.

What the WWE did at this PPV was make two people look bad, both Cena and Orton. Cena for now, and Orton in a few weeks, when he drops the WWE Title.


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