Fantasy Depth Chart's Week 4 Sits & Starts In Recap

FantasyDCCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2009

As the Steelers closed out their victory last night, I began to think of my past week's prediction and shuddered.  I knew I had made some mistakes but didn’t know to what depth.

Typically I just do a small recap. But I figured this week I would both go in detail AND let you in on what I learned from last week’s mistakes.

Running Backs (5-1)

Maurice Jones-Drew (18th) and Steve Slaton (fifth) held up well as “Start” picks. MJD was not as effective as I had thought he would be but he still was a RB2 in scoring.

Cedric Benson (27th) on the other hand was a major mistake. 

It was important to see that the Titans really are a matchup that even studs should dread.  I’d love to see AP vs TEN. But until then, might want to sit any RB that plays the Titans.

Tashard Choice (22nd), Fred Jackson (29th), and Fred Taylor (42nd) were all on the mark as “Sits”.  None of them should have been a surprise, but the point was to explain the unfair hype still being placed on these players.

Matt Forte is the player of choice at RB.  I started the week screaming Sit and then on Saturday revoked my claim (on Twitter & BR) after seeing Desmond Clark returning and some injured Detroit DEs. 

Forte ended up being the fourth highest scorer. He had 121 Yards, one TD, and two catches. So why are Bears fans (and smart Forte owners) still scared and/or trying to trade him?  He had runs of 61 & 37 yards.  That's 98 of his 121 on two runs.  When you average out his other 10 runs it's only 2.3 YPC.

Forte took advantage of big plays.  But it's hard to predict big plays.  Forte was not as effective as some might think.  He is a huge sell high candidate.

Quarterbacks (3-2)

Jay Cutler (fifth) and Kerry Collins (12th) proved to be good “Start” recommendations despite Collin’s pathetic real-life game. Jason Campbell (18th) rolled in a pretty pathetic game that made him valuable in only some of the deepest of leagues.

Tony Romo (23rd) proved me right.  Not going to say “I told you so” but that Denver D STILL has not given up a passing TD.  This is not a four week fluke.

Philip Rivers‘ fourth quarter outscored most fanasty QBs.  Look, the Steelers slapped the Chargers around until the 4th quarter. I’m not going to be able to predict prevent defense allowing Rivers to score 2 TDs in less than 3 minutes.

So congratulations to those that ignored me (including my brother in law who I played in my dynasty league) and my apologies to those that listened to me.

Wide Receivers (2-2)

Santana Moss (12th) proved to be an excellent WR2 turn WR1 for the week.  Tory Holt (37th), on the other hand, fell about one spot out of even being startable as a WR3.  However, Sim-Walker looks for real. 

Calvin Johnson (fourth) made me look foolish.  And I deserved it.  However, Andre Johnson (29th) barely was startable.

50% in the WR department.  Not happy but it's a step up.

Tight Ends (1-1)

John Carlson (14th) and Greg Olsen (13th) were either both hits or both misses in that incredibly tight finish.

I’m giving myself a 50% correct mark.  I leave it up to you to decide which I got right and which I got wrong.


For the week, I went 11-6.  Not my best week but also not as bad as I originally thought.  I still almost got 75 percent of my predictions correct, but the brutal misses on Calvin Johnson and Philip Rivers still hurt.