WWE Hell In a Cell 2009 Prediction Competition Results

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst IOctober 5, 2009

Hell in a Cell has been and gone, and boy! Did it ever bring some surprises?

Not many people expected The Undertaker and Randy Orton to walk out with gold firmly strapped around their waists; neither did they expect Kofi Kingston and John Morrison to retain the titles in their bouts.

However though, out of the 48 intrepid Bleacher Creatures who decided to put their pride (and guessing skills) on the line in an attempt to be dubbed the most accurate soothsayer, we got both extremes!

In a contest that not only got the second ever perfect score (17 out of 17 due to bonus match of R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre), we also had one member join the unenviable 0 points fraternity.

So then, for all you predictors out there, here are the results for the Hell in a Cell 2009 PPV!

48th - Zero points


47th - Three points

John Landrigan

Joint 42nd - Five points

Nathan Bentley

Canadian Kid


Tom Moore-Hilgenkamp

Mike Fenton

Joint 38th - Six points

Shane H

Kevin Canny

Kyle Hendrickson

Scott Beeby

Joint 32nd - Seven points

David Eddings

John Harris

Hurrican Hubbard

George Peterson


Ricky Bhatia

Joint 22nd- Eight points

Miss Annie aka AK127

Gary Johnson

Jordan Francis

Danny Starry

Niall Kelcher

Heel Mark

Dub Sizzle

Josh McMullen

Benjamin David

Javier E

Joint 14th - Nine points

Roopan Verma

Tom Dunn

Dustin Speaker

Mike Salvatore

Svyato Rovenchuk

Wyatt Beltz

Mike Macho

RKO Numba 1 Fan

13th - 10 points

Mr Taylor

Joint 7th - 11 points


Kendrick Davis

Justin Erickson


Mike Perry

Peter Salmon

Joint third - 12 points

Hayley Graham

Justin Thomas

Bill the Wonder Kid

Tommy Cochran

Second - 14 points


First - 17 points

Gagan Samra

Congratulations to Gagan, who joins our list of previous winners with the second perfect score of the contest!

Despite accusations that this would be a predictable PPV, this goes to prove that WWE can occasionally throw a curve-ball at all us guessers!

Thank you all for taking part, and I'll see you all at Bragging Rights!