Morrison and Kingston: Holding on Tight to Their Midcarder Titles. What's Next?

Justin EricksonContributor IOctober 5, 2009

Last night, at Hell In A Cell, the WWE Universe witnessed a series of exciting match-ups. witnessed a couple title changes, grudge matches, and even a surprise or two.

We also witnessed our mid carder title holders, Kofi Kingston and John Morrison, cling to their respective titles and continue their reigns as champions.

Some may have been surprised by this series of events, while others were completely expecting the champions to retain. Myself? I can say I was surprised to some degree by this, and I'm torn as to whether or not it's a pleasant surprise.

I'll begin by taking a look at our United States Champion, Kofi Kingston.

Anyone who knows me knows that Kingston is my favorite superstar as of now (at least until Edge comes back.) This being said, I still expected to see Kofi lose his title last night at HiaC. This is not because I think Kofi doesn't deserve a title, but more because I feel that Kingston has nothing more to gain by holding on to his title.

I feel that Kofi Kingston's championship reign has run dry, and until WWE decides to put a mic in Kofi's hand or at least give him somewhat of a storyline, Kingston will not gain anything by having a title. (And no, Miz and Swagger stealing a title does not count as a storyline.)

One thing the WWE does try to do to push Kofi is give him Pay Per View matches that involve giving him more than one opponent. So far, Kingston has defended the United States title in a fatal four-way, a six pack challenge, only one regular match, and now a triple threat match.  While this is a selling point for Kofi, I dont believe it is enough to make his entire title reign "exciting".

In the near future, I expect to see Kofi Kingston's title reign end. I hope to see it go to either The Miz or Jack Swagger, as it is always more exciting to see a babyface chase after a belt held by a heel, than it is to see a heel take a title from a babyface. That being said I still expect to see great things from Kofi Kingston in the future, and I hope WWE has some exciting things planned for him.


While Kingston holds the gold over in the world of Monday Night RAW, John Morrison is busy holding down the fort on Friday Night Smackdown with the Intercontinental Championship. There are some distinct similarities and differences between Kingston's and Morrison's title reigns, but I think the WWE Universe is having a better time watching the Friday Night Delight as of late.

Unlike Kofi Kingston, I expected to see John Morrison retain his title at Hell in a Cell, and retain he did.

Also unlike Kofi, I believe that Morrison still has something to gain by keeping his title reign continue just a little while longer. First of all, John Morrison has not held his title for an especially long time, and as such, his time has not come to drop it quite yet. is finding that Morrison products are in such demand right now, they have to e-mail those who purchase John Morrison apparel to notify them that there is an approximate two-week back order on his t-shirts. This can only be a good sign for Morrison, as well as a sign for WWE to keep pushing him.

Of course, time will pass, and somewhere down the line, it will be time for Guru of Greatness to lose the Intercontinental Championship. This brings up the name Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler was supposed to lose his title to Rey Mysterio not too long ago, but this did not happen due to Mysterio complaining that the WWE was not holding up to their promise of a lengthy title reign. Of course, we all know what happened next with Rey, and he was suspended and forced to drop his title anyway, not to Dolph Ziggler, but to Morrison himself.

I fully agree with the WWE's decision to take this route as opposed to having Rey drop the title to Dolph. I believe there is more to gain for Ziggler in the long run if he were to capture the title from Morrison rather than Mysterio.

I expect John Morrison to hold onto his gold for a couple more months, and then drop it to Dolph Ziggler. I don't think that Morrison, by that point, will have anything to lose by losing his title, as his popularity will have already shot through the roof. Ziggler, on the other hand will have everything to gain from holding the Intercontinental Championship.


So, to wrap it all up: Yes, Kingston and Morrison are finding themselves in somewhat similar boats right now. I feel that Morrison definitely has more to gain by keeping his title for a little while longer. I'm not quite as sure whether or not Kofi can say the same. All I can say is that WWE better have something more planned for Kingston, or else they are wasting a title reign on a Superstar who could be doing other things while someone like Miz or Swagger held the gold.

Within a couple of months, maybe somewhere around Survivor Series, we will see two new Superstars holding the mid carder titles. As for Kingston and Morrison, there have great things in store for them as well. How great? We'll have to wait and see. I know a majority of viewers expect to see Morrison in the main event soon. As for Kingston, no one is quite sure. However, main event or not, we can expect greatness from our current champions, no doubt about it.