An Open Letter to Donnie Walsh

Curly MorrisAnalyst IJune 2, 2008

Dear Mr. Walsh,

I am taking this time to write concerning my beloved New York Knicks.

The Boston Celtics are expecting to do what the Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, and San Antonio Spurs couldn't do over three series and that is beat the Lakers four times.

Yeah, that's what I said. It's over.

So as you prepare for the upcoming NBA draft and ponder what to do with the No. 6 pick, I thought that I would chime in and offer up my two cents on what you could do to make Knicks' fans, the most loyal fans in the league, at least moderately happy again and get us back into the post season.

While I know that you would much rather hold on to some of our expiring contracts in order to have cap space to go after LeBron or D Wade in two seasons, trust me, neither of those players are interested in coming to New York.

These are 'new school' guys and the allure of playing in MSG doesn't hold the same weight with the young'ens.

Also, it's already a forgone conclusion that LeBron will be joining Jay Z in New Jersey and D Wade is going to make a b-line for the Windy City as soon as reasonably possible.

I've heard that you are entertaining the possibility of trading our lottery pick.

Smart move. We don't need Stephon Marbury poisoning any young talent. As much as I like Gallinari, we've been patient enough over the Isiah Thomas debacle and I think we deserve to make the post season again.

I mean can you imagine the indignity of watching a 37 win Hawks team in the playoffs while our $90 million team was at home playing video games (or seducing interns)?

Speaking of Marbury, why don't you trade him and Malik Rose to Denver for Allen Iverson and Marcus Camby?

I know that sounds a little preposterous but consider this: both Steph and A.I. have the same salary next season and each player's contract is expiring.

You DO NOT want to resign Marbury and while the Nuggets wouldn't mind having A.I. back, they already have Melo on the books for $67 million, K Mart for $45 million and Nene for $42 million. That's not even counting the $15 million they still owe Camby.

We (excuse me), you on the other hand, could afford to resign A.I. and give him a contract similar to what New Jersey gave Vince Carter last summer—about $15 million per for three years. Trust me, you'll get a lot more out of Iverson for $15 million than the Nets will ever get out of Vinsanity.

While that trade straight up will not appease Nuggets' fans or management for that matter, swap draft picks with them as well—our No. 6 for their No. 20.

Now Denver has two expiring contracts and a lottery pick from the Knicks. We get rid of the cancer that is Stephon Marbury, pick up a consummate professional in Iverson and a serviceable big man (who was our starting center last time we saw the NBA Finals no less) whose contract will expire next season.

We won 23 games last season. Iverson can win 23 games in the Eastern Conference by himself.

I've heard rumors that the 76'ers have an interest in Zach Randolph.

Outside of offering Dalembert and Willie Green, I really don't see what they have to offer and we don't want either of these guys' contracts.

Why don't we package Randolph together with Jared Jeffries and the No. 20 pick and ship them off to Golden State for Baron Davis?

I think that B Diddy would prefer to play with Kobe in L.A., but he'll be satisfied playing with Iverson in New York, especially for D'Antoni.

That'll give the Warriors the inside scoring they've missed the past couple of seasons and bodies to go against the glutton of big men in the Western Conference.

Can you imagine D'Antoni having A.I., Davis, Crawford and Q Rich (who excelled in Phoenix) to run his offense in the East?

All of the sudden guys like Balkman, David Lee, Nate Robinson and Wilson Chandler become better players as well.

I know that still doesn't solve the Eddie Curry, Jerome James paint clogging situation, but hey, we have been very patient and loyal to our Knickerbockers.

We have endured the Zeke era and swallowed the embarrassment of having both Isiah and Marbury on our sidelines.

We deserve a little more than promises of rebuilding in the coming years. We'd like to see some results.

Walsh, D'Antoni. Those names sound like winners to me. So let's win some!