Tate Forcier: The "It" Factor

Cedrick MorrisonCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2009

ANN ARBOR, MI - SEPTEMBER 5:  Tate Forcier #5 of the Michigan Wolverines rolls out during the game against the Western Michigan Broncos on September 5, 2009 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Some kid’s just have it; whatever “it” may be, Tate Forcier, the pride of San Diego, CA obtained it a long time ago.

The Quarterback position is indubitably the most technical position in football. Generally speaking, possessing the proper technique and mechanics are paramount to any signal callers success.

As with any rule there are exceptions; Brett Favre, Ben Rothlisberger, and Tony Romo are all examples of successful yet unorthodox QB’S, but talents like that don’t come around too often.

As any coach at any level will tell you,there is much more to being a great quarterback than merely possessing all the necessary physical attributes.

Synonymous with politicians;  they can look the part, act the part, talk the part, but if they don’t have the personal intangibles to coincide with physical ability, more often than not they’ll end up disappointing the teammates or constituents they represent.

For more on this, see: Ryan Leaf, Chris Simms, Chris Rix, Brady Quinn, and Joey Harrington just to name a few.

Simply put, they must have “it.”

No one knows what “it” truly entails but for the sake of this article, let’s characterize “it” with one never yielding, possessing incorruptible leadership skills, being immensely self confident, and never shying away from the moment.

Much to the pleasure of the Michigan faithful, their QB for the next four years embodies all of these qualities and then some.

It is rare for freshman quarterbacks to be as cool, calm, and collected as Forcier. Not only is he performing at such a high level so early in his career, but he seems to be at his best when the stakes are the highest and the game is on the line.

There are some quarterbacks at the next level still trying to figure that out. See: Tony Romo.

The nation was first introduced to his extraordinary talent in the Wolv’s 2nd game of the season vs. the Fightin’ Irish of Notre Dame. His incredible efficiency, command of the offense, and late game heroics instantaneously elevated him to rock star status. Supplementally, Michigan was once again nationally relevant, and he became a house hold name overnight.

“I don’t get nervous” Forcier insists, and the way he almost led a vigorous come back vs. Michigan st. this past weekend puts serious stock to that claim.

Seemingly out of sync all day and never quite clicking on a level that is conducive for a young team to win a game vs. a formidable opponent on the road, Forcier orchestrated two touchdown drives in the fourth quarter to send the game into OT.

5th year seniors don’t play with as much heart, determination, and valor as this kid. His never say die attitude and coolness in the face of adversity is both remarkable and astonishing.

"Our team doesn't give up," Forcier said. "We're going to keep fighting until the game is over. It showed. We can't win all of them, but our guys kept fighting."

Indeed, and a big part of the reason why is their young QB under center. Positive or negative, attitude is contagious; especially coming from your leader.

Leadership is influence.

 The Wolverines couldn’t quite pull it out at the end; Forcier eventually threw a costly INT in OT that sealed their fate, however, something far more gratifying than a win was obtained.

Next year, when Michigan hoists the Big Ten trophy and is once again in the rose bowl you’ll know why.

The “it” factor.