Jonathan De Guzman: Talent or Hype??

Marvin DentContributor IJune 2, 2008

Now it has been brought to my attention as i keep a watchful eye over young talents coming through in the game.. One in particular for me stands out as being a great player at his age. Albeit playing in a less difficult league compared with the likes of La Liga and the Premiership.

Canadian-born Jonathan De Guzman moved to Holland at a very young age to become a professional footballer and currently is under some minor arguments about why he chose Holland instead of Canada as the nation he will play for.

There are, of course, always two sides to a coin. I'm sure most purists would say he should play for Canada but why? He has a choice and people should respect that for his career he has probably made the correct decision.

Now since this choice he has came under some scrutiny whether or not he is any good or just hype, which I think is rather extremely unfair.

I think as a young talent he is very much underrated and really should expect to move to a bigger and better club this season, not taking anything from Feyenoord who were close early on winning the Eredivisie and, if it wasn't for some injuries and a lack of confidence which fell them, before the fall they had shown some great signs of winning it and most of that is due to the great performances of one Jonathan De Guzman....

What surprises me the most is that no-one has currently snapped him up, I think he will go to a bigger club this summer and he will be a hit.

A lot of clubs will then realise they made a mistake and will be making enquiries about him when his valuation rises to £25 million most probably, much like what happened to other young stars who people weren't willing to take a chance on, some include Fernando Torres and Sergio Aguero... both now regarded as top stars. Aguero will not leave for less that £25 million and God knows how much you would have to pay to get Torres now.

Top clubs... Want  a value for money future superstar??? GO AND BUY...Jonathan De Guzman.