Tim Tebow's Concussion Recovery: No News Is Not Good News

Trey JonesCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 22:  John Brantley #12 of the Florida Gators celebrates after throwing a touchdown against the Citadel Bulldogs during the game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on November 22, 2008 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Reporting on the concussion recovery status of star Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow is kind of like trying to go out to brunch on a Sunday afternoon at the only open joint in town.


To begin with, the wait is insufferable.


Standing in line, you find yourself sandwiched between the well to do church goers, the emotionally spent college football crowd, and the NFL fans eager to find a quick cure for hard partying of the previous night.


Once seated you find that the menu contains only one tasteless and unsatisfying entree—“Tim continues to rest and recover. He also undergoes daily testing and we continue to monitor the resolution of his symptoms.”


You eat your bland meal while scanning the faces of the other patrons—hoping to catch a hint of emotion that betrays some element of original thought.  You search for anything to help you present this information in a new and interesting light.


But you see none.


You leave feeling empty, cheated, and frustrated. You don’t even want to tip the wait staff.


Such is the world of attempting to report on a sports story when there isn’t much story to report. 


The University of Florida has done a credible job in sharing information pertaining to the recovery of Tebow.  As frustrating as it is, UF officials have shared only what they truly know and want to share—that Tebow is recovering and that his health is monitored daily. 


This week in Gainesville, less is more.


Yes, rumors abound regarding Tebow’s sensitivity to light, his headaches, and his dizziness but that is all expected when you recover from a strong concussion. It’s also expected that he may actually feel a bit worse rather than better as his recovery progresses.


Concussions take time to heal, especially for first timers, and that is a difficult concept to put into a press release or announcement.


But there is something that isn’t being said that speaks volumes.


Knowing Florida head coach Urban Meyer’s love of information control one can wonder if there is an alternative motive behind this trickle of information.


Perhaps the man who owns the ultimate college football poker face is headed to the table against LSU with a load of chips and a pair of fives in his hand.


What we’re not hearing are reports that Tebow is progressing rapidly and that he is taking part in light workouts and passing drills.


We are also not hearing that the Gator football staff expects Tebow to play or start the LSU game this Saturday.


Comments on the offense are on hold with the exception of reports that backup quarterback John Brantley is working hard to prepare for the Tigers. 


If one was to guess, that guess might be that Meyer and his staff are drawing near to deciding that Tebow will not be fit to play against LSU. Perhaps that decision has already been made, but not announced simply to keep LSU from focusing on preparing for Brantley.


Who knows?


The end result is that unless something truly tragic befalls Saint Tim, and that is highly unlikely, we will continue to be told that Tebow is recovering well. 


Come Thursday or Friday night the veil will be lifted and an announcement will be made.  It will be the major story of the day and will preoccupy the college football community until kickoff in Baton Rouge Saturday night.


Today’s money is that John Brantley will get his first start and Tebow will not dress for the game.


A Heisman hopeful is grounded and a new star attempts to shine.


The speculation continues…