CM Punk Robbed by The Undertaker

Andrew SteeplesContributor IOctober 5, 2009

Just what was that title change all about last night? CM Punk has been the main heel on Smackdown for months now and he can't get a win over The Undertaker?

That's really poor booking by the Smackdown creative department. WWE is suppose to be building new stars and this isn't the way to go about it.

Because of the title change, CM Punk is still waiting for a decent and memorable title run at the top of a brand. The guy deserves much better for the way he carries himself in and out of the ring.

What will Jeff Hardy be thinking now? He worked hard to put Punk to the next level and now in little over a month The Undertaker as ruined it all.

The champion is now a crippled, injury prone guy who won't be around for long and doesn't do many house shows. Was it so hard for him to put over a new star for a change?

Taker has been in the WWE for nearly 20 years but you can probably count on one hand the amount of new stars he's helped make, due to how selfish he is.

What's with putting it on as the opening match? Smackdown is the No. 1 show and this match should have ended the show.

I've heard rumours Punk is being punished for an overseas tour matter. Well, fine him then.

Taking the title off him just ruins the prestige of the belt because now it looks like being straight edged means nothing when you can't beat an injury-prone guy who's nearing the end of his career.

I hope this is a short term thing and Punk gets back the belt no later than Bragging Rights. If he loses again there, my opinion on The Undertaker and his selfishness will reach an all-time low.

Many veterans are helping make new stars at the moment. Christian worked with Zach Ryder, DX/Randy have helped Legacy, etc.

Who has The Undertaker helped make? Nobody at all. He's a chance to do what's right for business. I sincerely hope he takes it.