Pirates Season Over, Fun Begins

Paul BaronnerContributor IOctober 5, 2009

The bucco's season is over! Thankfully. They finished 62 and 99. Good thing they got that rain-out against the Cub's, otherwise were talking 100 losses right.

Who cares, really? I sure don't.

This season and it's stats are meaningless. To dissect what the Pirates did this season, while "Jack Wilson" or "Nate McClouth" were here is silly.

This years stats (for the players still on the team) should only be important to the individuals looking for a raise or just trying to improve from season to season and managerial evaluations.

Well, the "one" thing that should matter to the fans is our draft position. The Pirates pick second overall. Drafting that high should ensure us a top tier talent.

This is a very important off season for the Pirates building process. Did you notice I didn't say "rebuilding" process, that's because it's been so long since they've won that it's just building, period.

It's important in part, because the front office made some gutsy trades that put them under a microscope. Yea I said gutsy, we'll need some time yet to see if they're good or bad, but at the time they were gutsy, because they knew in advance these trades would be unpopular with the fans. They did it anyhow because they thought the trades were necessary, that's the definition of gutsy!

 Another reason is credibility, with a payroll expected to be somewhere in the 20 million range, reduced from an already low figure in the 40's, the Pirates must do something to improve the Major League team other than through the minor's, or risk losing the respect of the die-hard fans, who believe in what they're doing.

They need to be aggressive and not in the way they were with Miguel sano. They need to be Successful.

I don't think they will or should sign a free agent for 15-20 million, that would be counterproductive long term. You can't ask players to give you a hometown discount after you overpay someone else to come to the Pirates.

I know most fans don't want to hear this, but they also might have to make another trade or two. They have to do everything they can to improve the major league team.

This is also the year for the record to improve. They need to throw the fans a bone of some kind in order for them to "keep on keepin on". It would be nice if a prospect made the club out of spring training, maybe Jose Tabata. Again were looking for hope here. A mid-season call-up of Pedro Alvarez would also help.

If these things happen, along with "some" winning, it would go a long way towards putting the ugliness that was 2009 behind us and begin, at the major league level, what has already taken place in the minor league's for the Pirates.

Actual improvement.