Is the NFL Using the Ref's to Fix NFL Games?

SonnyCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 14:  NFL commissionr Roger Goodell and team owner Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots stand on the sidelines before the start of the game against the Buffalo Bills on September 14, 2009 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

As the NFL has changed the rules through the years, what has been the outcome?

Many plays witnessed by NFL fans were pretty cut and dry.

Fans knew, for the most part, when they witnessed a touchdown or a fumble. Fans knew a great percentage of the time, when witnessing a catch or non-catch.

Not in today's NFL.

What is a touchdown catch for one team one week is not a touchdown catch for another team the same week. A fumble, a catch, and now roughing the passer calls, seem to change at the whim of a ref and this has changed the game for good.

What I find so odd is how these calls seem to go for some teams, many with a select group of owners against another group. Is this being done for a reason?

Could all these rules have been put in place to allow the NFL to control a few select games here and there with a call made or not made on a few key plays per game?

After all, the NFL is all about money and you know that the NFL just loves something like a team shooting for an undefeated season. Were the Pats given a little helping hand against the Ravens in that big game a year or two ago where the Pats were outplayed by the Ravens?

We all know the outcome. The Ravens lost a game that they really would have won if not for the refs helping out the Pats. Looks like it kind of happened again today to the Ravens with the Pats being helped to 14 points in the game by calls by the refs

They say when it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is a duck. Why are some teams always ending up with calls going their way?

Year after year the same teams get the benefit and the same teams do not. Does the NFL really want to see a Detroit-Seattle Super Bowl or would they rather have a New England-Dallas Super Bowl?

Intended or not the refs today have become a much bigger part of the game than the players. They are also using a call here or there on key plays and end up deciding many of these games against the flow of the game being played.

The NFL is now telling us that the fumble that we witnessed was not a fumble. They are now telling us that we did not see what we had seen.

Then the next week we see the exact same play and it now becomes a fumble. Now the NFL has included the catch and the touchdown as well. 

It has become so bad that the NFL has to use its own Network and send out its con-man to explain to us on Monday why these calls were made or not made. I have watched football for many years and there were some bad calls, but never to the extent where the NFL has to send out damage control.

Congress should tell the NFL that fixing games is against the law and take away the NFL's Anti-Trust exemption. The players on the teams can see it and most, if honest, will tell you off-the-record what they see.

These rich non-football owners that have come into the NFL are all about the money and to hell with the game.