Melbourne Are What The Picture Is

Jardine PattenContributor IOctober 4, 2009

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - MARCH 11:  Used shuttle cocks are pictured during the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships at Birmingham National Indoor Arena on March 11, 2005 in Birmingham, England.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

For those that are querying about the title of this article, just look at the accompanying picture. I think it quite says it all.

In my previous article, I stated that I don't like the Melbourne Storm. I really don't. They are on par with the Roosters for teams that I totally, and utterly despise. If I had the choice of having someone stab me repeatedly with a rusty and blunt spoon, or having these teams succeed in any small margin, I'd probably choose the former over the latter.

The whole of Rugby League seems to be in love with the Storm. I really do not understand it. They aren't that good of a team. The only reason why they have achieved the success that they have in the last few seasons, is because of a player by the name of Greg Inglis.

Forget that cow-licked poser Billy Slater. Inglis is the reason this team wins.

The last two games I have watched of the Melbourne Storm, Billy Slater received the props for nothing. He scores tries after others do all the work, and then he gets an offload from about ten metres out...and wow, Billy Slater scored! He is awesome.

Ass kissing morons.

I simply cannot believe that he was awarded the Clive Churchill medal in the game. He did NOTHING. Hell, they should have gave the damn thing to Hindmarsh considering his performance. Sixty-two tackles in a grand final? It would be near the record I'd think.

I read earlier today that Daniel Mortimer accused the Storm of being a grubby team. Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy then came out to defend his side, stating that the Eels are the grubby team, as evidenced by Hayne being taken to the judiciary for the accidental knee he dropped on Bryson Goodwin, and that you have never seen such an action from one of his players.

It's because they don't get called up for shit. In the 2008 Grand know the one, where they were hammered 40—0 by Manly...Billy Slater came in to try stopping a try, by coming in with his feet first, twice.

Was he penalised? No. Was he put on report? No. Did the judiciary look at it later and suspend him? Well, they looked and it, but no. They didn't suspend him, or even put any points against his name...they just cautioned him slightly.

And then upon further investigation, you find that he was also cautioned about it this year.

I think Bellamy owes the Eels players an apology, and he should just admit that his team are a bunch of fucking grubby players.

Really, what is worse? Accidentally falling on someone with your knee, or purposely attempting a sliding tackle with your feet first, on multiple occasions?

I think most logical people know the answer to that one.

Moving on, I also stated in the previous article that I do not like the NRL pushing into the Victorian market, which will not accept the Rugby League, as opposed to focusing on areas known for their Rugby League ties. The AFL has too much of a stranglehold on the market down there, and no matter how much money they put into the game in the area, and no matter how many big matches they put down there...the market will not accept the sport.

I could barely fathom the idea of moving a game of State of Origin down to Melbourne every year. New South Wales versus Queensland, in Victoria? It doesn't make sense.

The only reason why the game was nearly sold out, was because people from both those states bought tickets and travelled down to the game. It wasn't Victorians, as evidenced by the massive amounts of Maroon jerseys in the crowd. It was a majority Queensland crowd. Robbed of their traditional two home games for this year's series, and forced to travel to one state to watch their state take on another different state...bizarre.

Western Australia and the Northern Territory both have bigger Rugby League ties than Melbourne, and there isn't a team in either of those areas. If the NRL truly wanted to capitalize on an untapped market, then making a move for the Northern Territory would be the better option.

They have a small, but healthy, local competition, and they are developing quite fast. The area also doesn't have any other large sporting teams. No Union, no AFL, no A-League, no NBL. Nothing. They are calling out for something to support, and no sporting body has given them anything.

It is an area which could be massive for the NRL, if only they stopped focusing on Melbourne. One example I will give of the failure of League down in Victoria, is the Storm playing at Etihad Stadium.

They moved their first final, against arch rivals Manly, to Etihad from their traditional home ground of the Olympic stadium. They apparently did this so a larger crowd would be able to attend the game. Did a larger crowd attend?


The crowd was roughly the exact same that they get at the Olympic stadium. So what was the point of moving the game to the other ground?

Because the NRL are run by idiots, who overestimate the influence that the Melbourne Storm has over the sporting public in Melbourne. They thought they would draw more, simply because Melbourne were in the finals again...they're wrong.

Why didn't they draw more?

The Melbourne Storm play Rugby League, and not AFL. Simple as that.

The illogical thought patterns of those in charge of the game are so moronic, that I really can't be bothered writing anymore. So i'm going to leave this article as it is. I probably sound like an idiot, but who cares, I am one.