Why The Detroit Tigers Should Bench Miguel Cabrera

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2017

The last week of Detroit Tigers' baseball has been utterly painful to watch.  We've seen a team that has led the American League Central division by as many as seven games slowly hand the chance at the playoffs to another team.  

And it's only been a week.

However, the Tigers' recent miserable play is not the subject of this article.  In fact, the subject of this article concerns the Tigers' best player, Miguel Cabrera, and his lack of common sense and judgement.

For those who haven't noticed, Miguel Cabrera showed up for Saturday's game with some noticeable cuts and bruises on his face.  Cabrera swatted any questions from the media with a simple statement that the scratches were from his dog.

However, earlier this morning, an official statement was made as to how Cabrera acquired the aforementioned cuts and bruises.

Following Friday's game with the Chicago White Sox, Cabrera joined some of his buddies from the visiting team at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham.  

Several hours and several drinks later, Cabrera proceeded to return to his home.  However, his wife was not pleased with such partying the night before a game.

The couple continued to argue, which led to some physical abuse and a 911 call.  Cabrera blew a .26 when police arrived on the scene.

There is no excuse for Cabrera to be drinking on the night before a game, regardless of whether it's just with friends at a bar.  As high profile athletes, these guys should know what is expected of them. More importantly, they should know right from wrong.

I understand that he doesn't get to see guys from other teams too often, but if he doesn't get his head on straight, he'll have plenty of time in October when both the Tigers and White Sox aren't playing anymore.

If the Tigers do bench Cabrera, there's no doubt that Tigers fans would be livid.  Cabrera has hit 30 homers and has knocked in 100 runs with a batting average well over .300.  

Yet, I don't recall there being a rule that says it's acceptable to be out partying all night if you bat over .300.

The Tigers need to make an example of him for the sake of the countless kids who idolize him, other aspiring athletes, Major League Baseball, and most importantly, for the world of professional sports.

Even if Cabrera didn't commit any serious crime, he's going to lose the respect of many people in the sports world, I guarantee it.