College Football Week Six Polls Released: More Comedy Ensues

Tim PollockSenior Writer IJune 24, 2016

Yes, ranking teams is hard.


But this is getting ridiculous. 


After another solid weekend of football, the pollsters did their best to make college football fans scratch their heads.


The silliness concerning the No. 4 team has produced some odd results, to say the least. 


Last week I wrote about the absurdity of Southern Cal’s No. 7 ranking.  As you recall, the Trojans went from No. 4 in the land to No. 12 after losing to an unranked Washington team, who is now 2-3. 


A week later, after a lackluster 27-6 win over hapless Washington State, USC shot back up to No. 7, where they stand now.


Meanwhile, after Ole Miss lost their No. 4 spot—to a South Carolina team who is now 4-1 and ranked—the Rebels slipped all the way to No. 21.


Yet after Ole Miss’s 23-7 win over Vanderbilt, a team on par with Washington State, the Rebels moved up to No 20. 


That’s right—one measly spot. 


Tell the Pac-10 homers to shut their trappers about all the supposed SEC love.


Fast forward to this week, when No. 4 LSU narrowly defeated Georgia, who was ranked No. 18.  Pollsters apparently thought the game was a blowout, as they dropped the Bulldogs from the top 25 altogether. 


That seems a tad harsh to me, especially when Oklahoma—who is now 2-2 with wins over no one significant—dropped to only No. 19 after losing to Miami.


Behind Oklahoma there are still teams with one loss as well as undefeated teams.


Speaking of one-loss teams, South Carolina’s upset of Ole Miss didn’t get them in the top 25, but a lame win over MEAC member South Carolina State was good enough to earn them the title of No. 25 overall. 


Then you have Auburn.  Sure, they are undefeated—but from unranked to No. 17 after a win over 2-3 Tennessee? 


Jigga what? 


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Houston lost to unranked UTEP and tumbled from No. 13 all the way out of the top 25. Weren’t they the new national champion dark horse three days ago? 


And you can’t forget about Iowa. After squeaking out a three-point win over Arkansas State, the Hawkeyes actually moved up a spot to No. 12.  


Expect more nonsense a week from today.