MMA: Highlights and Lowlights of a Huge Weekend

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 1, 2008

Okay, so I am not going to be like everyone else and talk about Kimbo, and how much everything was rigged and how we were all screwed. What I am going to talk about is what I like and didn't like about this weekend.

Plus, I will keep it brief so everyone can go continue reading the Kimbo was rigged columns (they seem to be popular).



The Kimbo Fight: I am going to leave it at that; you know what I am referring to.

The Lawler/Smith ending: When the guy is begging and begging to go, just let him go. We all deserve a full fight from these two; it was a great fight.

WEC: Razor Rob just lost his title, and he gets demoted to opening the card? That just doesn't seem right.

The owners of the UFC/WEC: WEC should be on Spike TV, it put on some excellent fights, and people deserve to see them on a channel that the vast majority of fans have.

Gary Shaw: For trying to convince us that James Thompson was somebody, and not giving us Brett Rogers vs. Kimbo instead.

Elite XC: For trying to make us believe that Phil Baroni is still somebody, and that Villasenor would lose. That was his second great knockout in a row.



Faber: For proving how tough he really is in a grueling five-round battle with Pulver.

WEC: For putting together Faber/Pulver—and putting it on free TV.

Elite XC: For the intro-to-MMA video. Many didn't like that it took the place of some fighting, but if you are trying to introduce MMA into mainstream, I thought this was a great first step.

Scott Smith: For wanting to go, and for wanting to give the fans what they deserved.

Kimbo: For finally putting an end to all of the Kimbo vs. Lesnar columns (and yes, I've covered it). Now we all know Kimbo does not stand a chance.

Gina Carano: For proving that women can kick some ass too.


And last but not favorite highlight of the weekend.

Elite XC: For giving us an amazing Street Fighter 4 preview...I'm pretty sure I'm gonna put in my preorder tomorrow.