The Triumphant Return Of The Bleacher Creature College Football Poll

Kristofer GreenSenior Writer IOctober 4, 2009

The Bleacher Creature College Football Poll is back!

The major college football polls have all seemingly lost their minds when it comes to ranking college football's top teams. Each poll has had shocking and somewhat embarrassing lapses in judgment.

The AP poll has on a few occasions this season punished teams for winning. Not winning close, but in one case for winning 38-0.

While both the Coaches poll and the Harris Interactive poll—which account for 2/3 of the BCS formula—have done things like rank an Iowa team four spots below the Penn State team it had just dominated head to head.

Or rank an Oregon team six spots below the Cal team it just beat 42-3 or rank a Houston team three spots below the Oklahoma State team that was beat in its own stadium.

No poll can be flawless, there are too many opinions and the results can vary so greatly from pollster to pollster. But these are glaring problems that don't seem to be an issue to any one but us... the fans.

That is why the Bleacher Creature Poll was created. To give the fans a voice in deciding (even if it is only between us) who the best team in college football is.

So, here is your chance!

The guidelines for the Bleacher Creature Poll are simple. It consists of only two rules...DO vote for your top 25 teams as of that particular moment without forecasting how you believe they will finish and DO NOT vote with an agenda or with bias that blinds your objectivity.

That's it...and this is how it works.

Every Sunday through the end of the college football season you will rank the top 25 teams in the country and e-mail your rankings to me.  I will then tabulate the rankings the same way the USA Today Coaches Poll and the AP Media Poll are tabulated.

For example, each vote for No. 1 equals 25 points, No. 2 equals 24 points, No. 3 equals 23 points and so on.

The Bleacher Creature College Football Poll will be released every Monday afternoon continuing through the end of the college football season.  The final poll will be released the day after the National Championship Game.

For this week only, the deadline for ballots will be Tuesday, Oct. 6 and the poll will be released on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

If you are interested, just send your ballot to  Make sure you leave your Bleacher Report name, if it is different than your real name, so I can include your name as a pollster each week.