Randy LoydContributor IOctober 4, 2009

20-13, a close game between the hedges. This may become the signature of the LSU Tiger football team, version 2009. This club does not give up. Georgia found that out yesterday. A dominating first half, miserable third quarter, with a bow to wrap it up for the win in the fourth. That bow being one Charles Scott with 42 seconds left in the game.

Not saying that the running game is where it should be, but it's showing signs of life. This is due to Crowton spreading the field and loosening up the middle of an offensive line and allowing them to power block one on one. This in turn makes Charles Scott's, Keiland Williams' and tandem's job easier running up the middle. Note that when they reached the goal line twice and had Georgia's defense stacked against them, they were unable to run up the gut.

Jordan Jefferson continues to improve, although at times looked a little lost out there. Tolliver and LaFell are increasing their reputations as clutch receivers every week.  If the ball is close, it's theirs.

Now into the valley of death, ride the Florida Gators, the number 1 team in the land.

Assuming Tim Tebow plays, the defense will have to play the game of their life to keep it close enough for the LSU offense to keep up. The linebacking corps will have to keep the middle solid, while the corners and safeties have to prevent the long gain. And I say gain, not pass, because Tebow doesn't throw many long balls. Their game is catch and run. The way that they're playing now, the defense can only keep the scoring down because you will not stop them completely.

Although Florida's defense is not as good as some in the past, it is good enough. The O line and the backs, have to keep Jefferson from getting sacked. Jefferson has to know when the heat is coming and get rid of the ball or run sooner. So, again spread 'em out and the offense of LSU will have a legitimate chance to stay in the game.

These are just general observations by an ordinary fan and a very good cajun cook. We have 3 kinds of mystery meat in our gumbo now (all dog, but you can't be picky). We have table decorations from a Commadore's feast. Now we just need something else to top it off and make it truly a great gumbo. Wouldn't some nice, tender (after marinating for a day), gator meat be great? It's possible, if every thing clicks to have one good supper next week. But the ingredients and skill have to be there to put it together.

Oh, I forgot about the fire. SATURDAY NIGHT IN TIGER STADIUM! That'll keep you cooking.