Eight Man Tag on Smackdown Was Well Worth Watching

lee raydeanCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2009

Smackdown was just a-hopping last night. There was a celebration because it was the 10th anniversary of the show.

They were tributes to the late Eddie Guerrero, old clippings from shows gone by, and a party in the back and everyone was there from RAW, ECW, and Smackdown. Even Vickie Guerrero was there, but that's another story.

The main event was an eight-man tag team match. One team was Randy Orton, Legacy, and CM Punk. The opposing team consisted of WWE Champion John Cena, DX, and The Undertaker.

From the opening bell, the match was action-packed. Body slams, punches, kicks, slaps, a near fatal Attitude Adjuster, RKO's and a single Tombstone.

This was no ordinary match. Not by a long shot. In this mix, we have a rivalry going on between Orton and Cena, another with Legacy and DX, and the big one, Undertaker and C M Punk.

It was a seesaw match at first, and then Legacy became more aggressive and were putting the smack down on DX, but no need to fear, the champ was there.

Cena was aggressive as well. DX didn't take the bull for long. The game gave out some punishment. Watching Legacy made me think of how much they are like Orton.

As the match continued, it was obvious that all eight men had a score to settle and they were going to do it even if they had to break all the rules.

All four superstars ended up in the ring at the same time. The dead man went after his rival, CM Punk, but Punk quickly got out of dodge. Punk wanted no part of him.

Legacy by this time were out of the match, which left just the Viper and he was surrounded by all four of his opponents. I don't know where he thought he was going, because right behind him was the Undertaker. The dead man picked up Orton and gave him the Tombstone.

Lights out for Orton. The team of Cena, DX and Taker seemed more determined after their big win. Determined to beat their opponents once and for all.

All eight men will be in the PPV Event, Hell In A Cell tonight in separate matches: DX vs Legacy, Cena vs Orton, Undertaker vs Punk. This match was a warm up to the PPV Event.

Can't wait to watch these matches. This is Orton's last rematch to get the belt from Cena. And DX says that this rivalry must and will end at Hell In A Cell.

As for Taker and Punk, I guess the dead man should win especially since his finishing move, the Hells Gate, is no longer banned.

But again who knows for sure. They are supposed to be in my hometown at the end of this month and Punk is supposed to be defending his title against Taker.

Either way, this should be a great PPV Event. See you after the show Sunday night.