Countdown To WWE Hell In A Cell: Inside The Cell

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2009

First you were shown No Mercy and now you’re locked in the demonic structure that’s the Hell In A Cell. The event takes place this Sunday at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ. It’s LIVE at 8pm et/5pm pt only on Pay-Per-View.

To order the event call your local cable operator. If satellite, call DIRECTV or Dish Network. If you don’t wanna order watch it free online.

Shoutouts go to Skillet for “Monster” the official theme song for Hell In A Cell. It’s off of their album “Awake” and it’s in stores now.

Thanks for reading Part 1: Outside The Cell. First I gave you matches Outside the Cell, now I'm giving you matches inside Hell In A Cell.

D-Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)

Even though Randy Orton was forced to submit and lost his championship, Legacy pulled the biggest upset of the PPV. At Breaking Point, they made Shawn Michaels submit using submission moves both inside and outside. However, that rivalry didn’t die the next night on RAW.

Shawn Michaels was looking to redeem himself against Ted DiBiase the night after Breaking Point. The momentum was on HBK’s side and as soon as he was about to deliver that Sweet Chin Music, Cody Rhodes grabbed HBK’s leg, which ended in a disqualification.

This started an all-out carnage outside the ring when The Game and Rhodes went at it, the the battle between HBK and DiBiase went into the stands. This set up a match between DX & Legacy at Hell In A Cell for the final time but inside the Hell In A Cell.

Next week on RAW, it was Triple H going against Cody Rhodes but at the end it was Legacy’s night. The third-generation duo took out Shawn Michaels while Triple H was laying in the ring.

Then Rhodes came back was about to get pedigreed by the Game but DiBiase saved his partner by hitting Triple H on the back with a steel chair which ended in disqualification.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels knows how the Hell In A Cell works. They have been in matches against not only the past and present of the WWE but even against each other. They hold an advantage which could spell doom for Legacy.

However, Rhodes & DiBiase have proven that they are not pushovers to the future Hall of Famers and have given the D-Generate duo a run for their money.

Hell In A Cell will be the last time that these two tag teams would face off but who closes the book on this feud? Will D-Generation X avenge their loss at Breaking Point? Or will Legacy add a Hell In A Cell in their young careers? Find out Sunday At Hell In A Cell.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image These two tag teams will put their hearts and bodies into this match and even though there’s a winner or loser, no one leaves unscathed from the Hell In A Cell.

PREDICTION: D-Generation X. DX will avenge their loss against Legacy at Hell In A Cell. Legacy will learn a whole lot from this match and prepare them well in the future. As for DX, what’s next for the duo? 

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP – John Cena © vs Randy Orton

John Cena pulled a Joe Namath six days before Breaking Point and made a guarantee that he would not quit and also become WWE Champion. He answered it after, through a terrible beating from The Viper.

To be handcuffed, beaten with a Singapore cane, and hit with a steel chair, Cena was not giving up. Cena gave the best performance in his career and made Orton tap.

The next night on RAW in Toronto which is the hometown of RAW Guest Hostess Trish Stratus. She made the match between John Cena & Randy Orton with the WWE Championship on the line, but in the horrific confines of Hell In A Cell at the steel-named event.

The next week on RAW, the fireworks were popping between these bitter rivals during the contract signing for Hell In A Cell. Orton gave a reminder to Cena which is accurate. See Orton knows the Hell In A Cell and has experienced it going against The Undertaker at Armageddon 2005, which he lose.

Then he points out that Cena has never been in Hell In A Cell, which is a disadvantage for the champion. Knowing Cena, he’s ready for the fight.

Later on that night, both were in a Six-Man Tag Team Match with Cena paired with MVP & Mark Henry going against Orton alongside the Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show due to the events during the contract signing.

Stakes were high because the winning team would face either Orton or Cena in a 3-on-1 Gauntlet Match the next week on RAW. At the end, Cena wasn’t smiling when Orton delivered the RKO to the World Strongest’s Man thanks to Jericho’s chop block.

John Cena would go to the Lion’s Den on RAW to face Orton, Jericho, & Show in the Gauntlet Match. Jeri-Show was disqualified for not obeying the referee’s rules while punishing a beaten John Cena for Randy Orton. Orton thought everything would swing his way but Cena had a message for him.

He smiled when he signaled for the Hell In A Cell to come down and Orton was scared s**tless. He tried to leave the Cell but it was too late and he did everything to try to avoid Cena but it didn’t work. Cena chased Orton to the top of Satan’s Playground and gave the challenger the FU on top.

Hell In A Cell is the perfect setting for these two go all out and close the book on this bitter rivalry. These two came in the WWE in 2002 and have come a long way to get to this kind of atmosphere. Both share a personal hatred towards each other and look inflict pain to become champion.

Cena has been in different types of match Falls Count Anywhere Match, First Blood Match, Elimination Chamber Matches, TLC match and has proved he can overcome the odds. However, he has never endured the horrors that is the Hell In A Cell and can he keep his title?

Orton on the other hand, has compete in so many matches and have earned his stripes in his illustrious career but can he close the book on Cena and once again win the WWE Championship for the third time this year?

Despite the war wounds that’s Hell In A Cell, who will walk out the WWE Champion? Find out at Hell In A Cell.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageThe animosity between these two will come ahead in Hell In A Cell and it will be a war. It doesn’t matter which championship match in the steel structure that’s better, this one will be a hellacious battle.

PREDICTION: Randy Orton. John Cena gets props from me on his performance at Breaking Point and love him or hate him, he has proven himself in the WWE. However, Cena has never been in the battlefield that’s Hell In A Cell and I give the advantage to Orton.

Remember he’s on the poster of Bragging Rights which will take place on October 25th, so he could walk into that PPV the WWE Champion. Question is who could be the next one to take his title with possibly the help of the WWE Universe?


Breaking Point was a night where a new champion was crowned but a champion got away with robbery of the World Heavyweight Championship. Undertaker made CM Punk tap in the Submissions Match and became champion.

Unfortunately, Smackdown GM Theodore Long got in the way of Taker’s victory by saying that the submission move Hell’s Gate was banned due to former GM Vickie Guerrero banning it. So the match went on.

Soon as Undertaker was about to take advantage of the match, Punk clipped him by the legs and had him with the Andaconda Vise and all of the sudden Referee Scott Armstrong rings the bell.

Punk was declared the winner, but if you watch the replay, Undertaker did not tap. Referee Scott Armstrong gave the title to Punk and both went to the back to avoid The Deadman.

This wasn’t the first time that Montreal went through something controversial as this. Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels fought for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series in 1998, of course Michaels had Hart with the Sharpshooter and ex WWF/E referee Earl Hebner rung the bell to declare Shawn Michaels the winner.

However, Bret Hart did not submit and the man who orchestrated the ending was the Chairman himself Vince McMahon.

There were questions that need to be answered on Smackdown. Scott Armstrong admitted that he was ashamed of the events that took place at Breaking Point and he felt guilty.  Not only the Undertaker and the WWE Universe were livid but Mr.McMahon was upset as well.

McMahon told Theodore Long to explain his actions and tell the audience the truth , plus to apologize for the controversy. Before Long would address the Universe, McMahon warned him about how you don’t mess with The Undertaker.

Long admitted that there was a plot involving him, Scott Armstrong and World Champion CM Punk to prevent The Phenom from winning the championship at Breaking Point. He was remorseful about his actions.

After Theodore Long made his public apology, the security escorted him to his for protection. However, the smoke didn’t clear for Long when The Undertaker took him for the ride.

On the Sept 25th episode of Smackdown, Long would be back after his abduction of The Deadman. CM Punk would of course lecture the WWE Universe until the druids came to ringside with a coffin. As Punk, would open the coffin cautiously, there lied the Smackdown GM tied and gagged.

Punk unties and ungasgs a petrified Long and he would announced that CM Punk would defend his title in a rematch against The Deadman, but this time in the demonic structure that’s Hell In A Cell and what’s worse, he allows Hell’s Gate to be used.

Then he makes a non-title match between The Undertaker and CM Punk. Of course, CM Punk found a way to beat the challenger for his World Heavyweight Championship and that was by count-out.

Now at Hell In A Cell, this will not be any regular match. These two adversaries will be  locked in the steel structure. This will be an all out war.

CM Punk has never competed in the Hell In A Cell, while The Undertaker has experience the Cell by fighting the likes of Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, Rikishi, & Kurt Angle in Armageddon 2000, Mick Foley/Mankind, Big Boss Man, ex-WWE wrestler/UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, Batista & Edge.

Will the Straightedge Superstar walk out of New Jersey still the World Heavyweight Champion? Or will The Undertaker put an end to Punk’s reign and become champion for the seventh time in his career? Win or lose, these two will not be the same after this hellacious match.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image It’s hard  to say if this rivalry will continue into the next PPV that’s Bragging Rights, but if it’s the final chapter to their rivalry, this will be a good match. This match will be better than the last match at Breaking Point and no controversy. The fans deserve better than a remake of the Montreal Screwjob.

PREDICTION: The Undertaker. Hands down this is The Deadman’s kind of match. Experience and war wounds of the Hell In A Cell match will prevail over CM Punk’s inexperience in this match.

Punk has won two Money In The Bank matches, Samoan Strap Match and the TLC Match, but this match is the biggest and challenging match in Punk’s career. CM Punk’s chances of holding onto the title will come to an end this Sunday.

I wanna thank you guys for taking the time to read my two-part preview to Hell In A Cell. Remember don’t forget to order Hell In A Cell and it’s live on Pay-Per-View.


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