Anger: The Collective Emotion Of The Seminole Nation

Yates BoykinCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2009

For FSU football, the last couple of weeks have been depressing. That's to say the least.

I took a break from writing. I do not feel inspired to write consistently for an inconsistent football team.

Not necessarily filled with inspiration, I am back, even though my team is not.

Earlier today, the 'Noles got beat by the power-house (sarcasm) Boston College. FSU's play suggests that there is something seriously wrong with the program, and this makes me, along with many Florida State fans, very mad!

Here are some reasons why FSU is so pitiful and why the Seminole nation is enraged:

The biggest reason for the inferiority is well, inferior coaching.

I hate to state this, but it is finally time for Bobby Bowden to retire. Something is missing from Florida State. I cannot define what that thing is. It may be swagger. It may be strategy. It may be lack of enthusiasm. It may be all of those things. Whatever it is, something needs to change.

I also hate to state this, but defensive coordinator, Mickey Andrews, needs to step down, soon. He has announced that he will retire, but it seems like that time can't arrive soon enough. FSU's defense looks like a high school defense.

Even offensive coordinator, Jimbo Fisher, has seemed average since the BYU game. The 'Noles can't score in the red zone. Fisher's big offensive strategy is clock management; however, if you can't put up points, then your clock management ends up biting you down the stretch.

The Seminoles need a fresh look and feel.

Now, here are some reasons why 'Nole fans are enraged with their team:

I do not play for FSU, but I know for a fact that the players are not exerting themselves on every play. Constraint is usually a good thing, but the players appear to be too constrained. It seems as if they are playing not to lose.

On defense, a lot of FSU players seem timid. The defensive linemen are inconsistent with both the run and pass-rush, the linebackers miss too many tackles, and the defensive backs are a mix of everything wrong.

The same goes for the offense; the players seem timid. The running backs are not hitting the holes very quickly, Christian Ponder makes bad throws in crunch time, the offensive line makes pre-snap mistakes, and the wide receivers drop critical passes.

Those statements are not necessarily true for all of the players all of the time, but the statements are certainly true enough to cause FSU to lose games.

All of those things irritate me, and those things also irritate most of the Seminole nation. Threads titled, "We Suck" and "we are the worst", have already appeared on a popular Florida State website.

You can call those threads stupid or foolish, but many are tired of waiting on the 'Noles to "cross that line". I am certainly one of those who are tired of it.

I grew up with an FSU team that dominated every week. Where has that gone?

If the Seminoles do not start winning some games, then I, along with many other 'Nole fans, will seek anger management courses, or resort to punching nearby objects.