Countdown To WWE Hell In A Cell: Outside Hell In A Cell

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2009

LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 2:  (U.S. TABLOIDS OUT)   WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio walks on stage during the '1st Annual Video Game Awards' at the MGM Grand Garden Arena December 2, 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The show premieres on Spike T.V. Thursday, December 4 at 9:00PM ET/PT.  (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

First you were shown No Mercy and now you’re locked in the demonic structure that’s the Hell In A Cell. The event takes place this Sunday at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ. It’s LIVE at 8pm et/5pm pt only on Pay-Per-View.

To order the event call your local cable operator. If satellite, call DIRECTV or Dish Network. If you don’t wanna order watch it free online.

Shoutouts to Skillet for “Monster” the official theme song for Hell In A Cell. It’s off their album “Awake” and it’s in stores now.

No time to waste let’s break down the matches outside of Hell In A Cell.

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Ever since Kofi Kingston won the United States Championship over MVP in May, he has become a marked man. He’s overcome the challenges of Big Show, Carlito, MVP, Matt Hardy, Primo, William Regal, The Miz, & Jack Swagger.

Whether it was singles matches, Six Pack Challenges, and Triple Threat Matches, Kingston would reign supreme.

The match for Hell In A Cell between these three superstars started with both challengers stealing Kingston’s coveted US Title. First, it was The Miz and the next week it was The All-American American.

The night after Breaking Point, Miz's bitterness carried over to RAW in the tag match between him and Jack Swagger against Kofi & Primo. Miz decided to steal Kofi’s United States title which gave the team the win and distracted Kofi Kingston.

Then the next week, Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger had a match against each other. Which didn’t last long with The Miz once again taking the title owned by Kofi, but to the chagrin of The All-American American he clotheslined the Awesome Superstar.

Then Swagger walks away with the United States Championship, which ended in a No Contest. Kofi, however regained his title back on the Sept 28th episode of RAW when both Miz & Swagger got into it.

At Hell In A Cell, Kingston will once again have the odds stacked against him in the Triple Threat Match. Will the Jamaican Superstar once again answer the challenge and keep his title? Could the All-American American add another title to his resume? Will Mr. Awesome finally win his first-ever singles title ever in his career?

Watch these three go at it at Hell In A Cell with the United States Championship on the line. Order it now.

STAR RATING:Go to fullsize imageand a 1/2.  The US Title Match will be competitive and high-paced. These three are gonna give everything in the ring and put it all out there to be a champion. Not a bad match but won't steal the show.

PREDICTION: The Miz. I predict him to win last month at Breaking Point and that prediction didn’t go well but in a Triple Threat Match, the champion doesn’t have to be pinned. Miz is on a mission to become champion and Hell In A Cell will be his night of achievement.


The Intercontinental Championship went through a makeover when Rey Mysterio was suspended 30 days by the WWE for violating their Wellness Policy. This opened an opportunity for the Shaman of Sexy himself to win the title and that he did before Rey’s suspension.

The winner of that match would face Dolph Ziggler at Breaking Point, but due to a last minute change with adding the United States Championship match to the event, it didn’t take place.

However, these two made their appearance at the event in Montreal when Ziggler disrespected and attacked WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, which brought Morrison to the ring to save Patterson.

Dolph Ziggler has been on a roll since his arrival to Smackdown. However, he didn’t win the Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions nor SummerSlam. Not he gets his chance at Hell In A Cell to get a shot at John Morrison for the title. Lately, Morrison has made the arrogant superstar the butt of jokes, especially calling him “Mr. Ziggles”.

The laughing stopped this past Friday on the Ten Year Anniversary of Smackdown when these two competed in a tag team match with Ziggler & The Miz vs the champs Morrison & Kingston. At the end, Dolph was standing tall after he pinned Morrison in the ring.

Now at Hell In A Cell, these two finally go at it for the championship. Will Dolph finally win his first singles title in his career? Or will The Guru of Greatness himself retain the Intercontinental Championship. We’ll find out at Hell In A Cell.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageI’m looking forward to this match. Both guys have contrasting styles and have proven that they can hang with the best of them. They will give it their all especially with the title on the line.

PREDICTION: Dolph Ziggler. This has been a long time coming for Ziggler. I believe he will finally defeat John Morrison and become Intercontinental Champion.

I find it weird that Ziggler didn’t get his chance before Rey’s suspension to win the belt. This would be the other way around but the new champion will be DOLPH ZIGGLER.

WWE DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP – Mickie James © vs Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox has come a long way to get a shot at the WWE Divas Championship. First, she was involved in an affair with Edge, going to ECW as a dancing partner with DJ Gabriel, to WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool showing her the ropes on Smackdown. Now her time will come at Hell In A Cell.

With Divas Champion Mickie James at ringside, Alicia Fox took on Gail Kim for the right to be the number one contender to the Divas Champion. Fox had to through a tough match with the veteran.

However, at the end Fox caught Kim slipping and delivered a devastating scissors kick and sealed the win for a shot at Mickie James for the Divas title.

Fox wasn’t done sending a message to James and that came on the Sept 21st episode of RAW. In a non-title match against Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox was scouting the match but got in the way when both competitors were out ringside.

That gave Phoenix the opportunity and defeat James, but James wasn’t out of the woods. Fox got in the ring and took out Mickie James with the scissors kick.

At Hell In A Cell, both Divas get it on the ring and battle it out for the WWE Divas Championship. Fox has learned a lot from McCool and has been on a mean streak in recent events but will she overcome the pressure of winning for her first ever championship?

Mickie James has proved herself in her career and has won championships. Fighting the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Melina, & Maryse to get to where she is right now,

Will the feisty Floridian taste championship gold for the first time in career? Or will, Mickie thwart another challenge and leave Hell In A Cell still Divas Champion? Watch these divas go at it at Hell In A Cell.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageLove watching these ladies but I’m not big on this match that much. It won’t be boring but it will not be the best match.

PREDICTION: Mickie James. James once again retains her title. Alicia Fox will see better days but right now is not the time. Mickie’s motor is still running in the prime of her career and she will not stop.

WWE UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – Chris Jericho & Big Show © vs Batista & Rey Mysterio

Since their formation at Night of Champions, Chris Jericho & Big Show, or should I call them Jeri-Show, have been on a rampage in the tag team division.

The tag team went through the third-generation duo of Legacy members Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, Cryme Tyme & MVP & Mark Henry. Now, they face their biggest challenge in Batista and Rey Mysterio.

Batista made his return to TV since Legacy injured him the night after Extreme Rules, and made the announcement that he was going to Smackdown. Few days later, he made his anticipating return to Smackdown, until Chris Jericho interrupted.

This prompt The Animal to give Y2J the Batista Bomb. Then he defeated Jericho later on in the show, but the next week he faced Jericho’s partner The World’s Strongest Athlete.

Batista was about to make the Big Show tap to the Ankle Lock, until Jericho got involved. Not only he took down Show but did the Ankle Lock to Chris Jericho as well. After the match, Batista made it known that he wants the Unified Tag Team titles and his partner would be The Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio at Hell In A Cell.

Last time, Rey Mysterio was in the ring was when he defended the Intercontinental Championship against John Morrison on Smackdown. However, he lost the title but that wasn’t the worst. He was suspended for 30 days by the WWE for violating the Wellness Policy.

Jericho & Big Show should not take these guys lightly and read the history on these two. This won’t be the first time that Batista & Mysterio teamed together and won tag team gold. Batista won tag team gold with not only it was with 619, but with John Cena and WWE Hall of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. While Rey Mysterio won not only with Batista, but Edge and the beloved Eddie Guerrero (R.I.P.).

At the first annual Hell In A Cell PPV, can Jeri-Show continue their dominance over the tag team division? Or will Batista & Rey Mysterio together win their second tag team championship? It all goes down in Newark between these two tag teams.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageThis will be a good match between these two tag teams. These four are familiar with each other and know what the other is capable of. I expect this to be a competitive match.

PREDICTION: Batista & Rey Mysterio. Even the though the tag team division is picking up with Chris Jericho & Big Show as the Unified Champions, it’s time to crown new champions.

It’s not guaranteed that The Animal & 619 will win, but there’s a reason that these two are facing the champs. They are the biggest threat so far and will walk out of Newark, new Unified Tag Team Champions.

I wanna thank you guys for reading Part 1: Outside Hell In A Cell and be on the lookout for Part 2: Inside Hell In A Cell. Thank you and God bless.


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