Virginia Tech : Tyrod Turnaround?

Jacob MotleyContributor IOctober 3, 2009

327 yards, two touchdowns, 77 percent pass completion. All in one day's work for Tyrod Taylor, that's right, I said Tyrod Taylor.

Has Tyrod Taylor finally turned the corner? Is he headed towards being a true dual-threat quarterback for the Virginia Tech Hokies?

From a fan's perspective it seems as if that last minute, scrambling touchdown drive against Nebraska has brought about a change in Tyrod Taylor.  After that play you could tell from his demeanor that something had changed.

In the last two games Tyrod Taylor is 21-of-31 passing, with three touchdowns and zero interceptions.

I know alot of people that read this will be like so what? As they compare him to the likes of Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Jacory Harris, etc,  but this is the guy we have wanted to see for years in Blacksburg. He has hurt teams for years with his legs but has never developed his arm as a threat. Last year he threw seven interceptions to only two touchdowns.

That has seemed to changed as Tyrod shows more leadership, and increased confidence in himself and his receivers. He has found four different receivers in the endzone this season in Roberts, Boyce, Coale and Boykin.

Tyrod Taylor is having a career season. He already has six touchdown passes in five games (more than any other year total) while only throwing one interception. He is also at 869 yards passing, with his career high coming last year at 1,036 yards.

The buzz about Tyrod during the offseason was that he had taken alot of time with his passing game to develop it into a true threat. But after the first couple of games of the season the word was out that it was the same old Tyrod, actually a Tyrod that wasn't even as effective with his legs. It now seems as if the hard work he put in in the offseason is paying off.

He displayed "old-school" Tyrod Taylor in the Miami game with his legs, and is showing a whole new aspect to his game in the last three outings, putting the ball in the air, and into the hands of his receivers.

Will it continue? That is left to be seen, but with seven games left in the season it is safe to say his Junior season will definitely be a breakout year for Tyrod Taylor.