WWE SmackDown: Some Very Interesting Things People Should Know From Last Night

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 3, 2009

As many of us WWE fans know, last night was the 10th year of SmackDown. The show used to be on Thursday nights, then moved to Fridays a few years back.

Many thought it was because of the competition it was facing on Thursday, however the ratings were better on Thursday than they were when they switched to Fridays. But, I digress.

Last night was really fun to watch. The Rock made a special message for all of us to watch, and mentioned he may host RAW one day. I think he will host after he wraps up his latest film project.

You know, he does need to promote the stuff. So, this would be good for his acting career and he would make many WWE fans happy in the process. Its a win/win for everyone.

Anyway, we then saw a video remembering Eddie Guerrero, who made a big impact on SmackDown during his time there. I thought it was very well done, and it was a very nice thing for the WWE to do.

Then we saw Vickie make her way back to the WWE with one of the men who should have been brought up a long time ago, Eric Escobar. Apparently they are together and Vickie will manage him on SmackDown every week.

Lets hope she gets paid a bit more.

One thing people should know about Escobar is that he has been in developmental for four years now. He was the only person in developmental who worked in both OVW and FCW and was not brought up or released.

Usually the WWE releases or brings someone up within two years, but Escobar was a special case. He has been working non-televised matches before SmackDown every week for almost a year now.

Another thing to know is that he could have been brought up in 2006 when ECW became a brand. The WWE started bringing up all kinds of developmental talent and Escobar traveled with ECW and worked dark matches.

Yet, the WWE apparently didn't think he was ready and brought him back down to developmental. He is a former FCW World Champion, not to mention he is a very good wrestler.

People need to keep an eye on him, as I think he will be big for the WWE. Check out some of his FCW matches on Youtube to see how good he is. I recommend his matches with now-ECW wrestler Sheamus.

Now, to the part I thought was really weird.

In the John Morrison and Kofi Kingston vs The Miz and Dolph Ziggler match, the WWE had Justin Roberts introduce the talent differently. Not that they had a name change, but apparently Ziggler and Kingston now live somewhere else.

The WWE used to say Kingston was from Jamaica. Yet, last night he was from Ghana, West Africa. He was said to be the first Jamaican-born wrestler the WWE ever had, and they really marketed the Jamaican part of Kingston.

He is really from Ghana, as he was born there way back when. He moved to America at the age of two, so he has no accent what so ever.

Why the WWE made him a Jamaican is beyond me, as he could have had an African gimmick as he was ACTUALLY FROM THERE!!

The WWE did have Todd Grisham say that Kingston "spent a lot of his time in Jamaica." Which may be their way to get Kingston out of being questioned about where he is really from. The Jamaican accent is fake, and many who are Jamaican or know the language will tell you it is.

Apparently, the WWE may be changing his gimmick or slowly bringing him out of it. It is harder for him to do realistic promos with the accent, as it can easily be recognized as fake. So, don't be surprised if that happens sooner or later.

Then we get to Dolph Ziggler, while this change is geographic location was not as significant as Kingston's, it did make me wonder.

Justin Roberts introduced him by saying he was from Hollywood, Florida. Yet, he has been from California since arriving in the WWE. So, I kinda wondered a bit.

Now, people should know that most of the WWE's talent live in Florida now, especially in the Tampa area, mainly because it is easier for travel.

But, saying Ziggler was from Hollywood, Fla., makes no sense to me. Why make the change? There is no need to do so whatsoever.

If you want to give out the real locations for everyone, then obviously most would be from Florida. So, there was no need to change his location.

People could think it was a mistake by Roberts, yet this show is taped on Tuesdays. So, if it was it could have easily been edited out. The changes are significant to me, and it is something I think we need to pay attention to as it could come into play soon.

I also would like to say I like the new theme music for SmackDown. There have been so many theme songs for the show, and the last one has been around since SmackDown went to MyNetwork TV. I personally thought that it was time for a new one. However, I am sure many liked the other or some others SmackDown had.

What was your favorite SmackDown theme of all time?