Rashad Evans Continues To Talk, "Rampage" Jackson Will Return

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IOctober 3, 2009

The trash talk between Rashad Evans and "Rampage" Jackson is once again dragged from the garbage can and out onto the lawn. The bear that is the media continues to go for the same meal that will be there, day after day, until the owners of this trash resolve their little problem.

After a little tiff with UFC kingpin, Dana White, Jackson rampaged his way into retirement in what some might consider a brash, hot-headed decision. Needless to say Quinton Jackson rode off into the night toward the hills of Hollywood, lone wolf style.

Now, it's hard to solve the little problem when half of the solution is now spouting off, "I pity the fool."

It's even worse when the other half of the solution is "Sugar," and we all know how much the media bears love the sweets. They just keep coming back for more and "Sugar" Rashad keeps giving them the treat they desire.

The lone wolf has his ears pinned back and is hearing everything that is floating through the sky. Although he's busy at work acquiring new territory, "Rampage" will undoubtedly keep everything locked in his mind.

"Rampage" is a family man, he bolted towards this new territory in dedication to his family. Beyond the persona, deep down inside, Quinton Jackson is only trying to provide his family the best life he can offer.

The UFC is his family as well and "Rampage" knows this. They provided for each other and built an outstanding relationship. The UFC and all of the media keep howling at "Rampage," it's only a matter of time before he howls back.

Even Dana White believes the situation can be amended, "If me and Tito can work things out, I can figure things out with Rampage."

However, if "Sugar" Rashad keeps his bear-attracting trash talk up, the rejected wolf, "Rampage" Jackson may come back without any sort of convincing from White.

It's well known that Evans doesn't shy away from his true opinion on any matter. With every "Rampage" question he'll get, he will continue to toss trash into the fire that steadily builds.

In a feud that has been building for some time now, there may only be a few straws left in the camel's back, or in this case, the wolf's back.

Once filming for the A-Team is wrapped up, expect the lone wolf to find his way back to his old family, led by the burning coals of trash illuminated in the sky.