Roberto Mancini, Luis Felipe Scolari, Mark Hughes: Candidates for Job at Chelsea

Marvin DentContributor IJune 1, 2008

So it seems crazy times at Chelsea FC. It just never seems to get any better does it?

Here we have a team that currently ranks No. 1 in the UEFA rankings—second place in three competitions, including a Champions League final, just isnt good enough to stop speculation and constant news from cropping up.

Now the candidates for the coaching opening appear to be three men who are lined up to replace less-than-charismatic Avram Grant. Whearas most say he was never right for the job, he certainly had started to grow on me, and the way he conducted himself was with honour throughout I felt.

But times go on. What Roman says goes, and who are we to dissagree? This is the man who made all this possible for Chelsea and we respect that.

The candidates are...

1. Luis Felipe Scolari—My first choice. The passion and the success he has made is very good. Some say that he has a lack of club management experience because he hasn't managed a European team, but he has won the American version of the Champions League with other clubs.

He won the World Cup with Brazil, who were in turmoil beforehand, and currently leads Portugal, who he led to a semi-final and a final in the last two tournaments.

In my eyes this man is our guy.

2. Roberto Mancini—OK, at first I was completely against him becoming our new coach, but as time passed and I see other candidates emerging, I think I have really warmed to him.

Some say he is not an exciting footballing manager, but I disagree. Inter is in fact one of the more attacking styled teams in Italy, second only to Roma in my opinion. The more I look at him the more I think he looks like Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea say they want someone who's good for the image of the club (looks good). Well if that's what they want, they won't find better than Roberto Mancini.

A good choice in my opinion.

3. Mark Hughes—Not my choice. I LOVE the guy for his time he has spent with us as a player, and as a coach he has proven that he's good...but is he ready for a step this big?

I'm sure he could cope with it, and the money helps obviously. He would command respect and not allow egos to run wild. Not my first choice, but he is a worthy choice.

Those three candidates are the only ones worth mentioning, with my favourite being Scolari. He has said there's been no contact.

However, it makes me think. The signing of Bosingwa—link? Or just coincidence? What about us being linked with Robinho, another player he has coached during his reign as Brazil manager, same as Bosingwa. With his current job he made him their first choice RB from the usually preferred Miguel...

Chelsea said there would be an announcment on Monday—it would be about time wouldn't it? Even so, im sure it will be exciting.

My money, if you asked, would be on us appointing Riijkard still. I think he is the worst candidate by far, but I can just see it happening.

If it was up to me I'd pick Scolari.