Could Joe Stevenson and Spencer Fisher Earn Fight of the Night Honors?

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IOctober 3, 2009

If Joe Stevenson wants to earn a hefty fight of the night bonus come Oct. 24th, he should stand and trade away his best punches with Spencer Fisher; we know that's what "The King" is coming in to do. It may prove to be very lucrative, but it could be just as foolish as it is financially tempting.

Although it's been his bread and butter, some claim that Spencer Fisher isn't the most devastating striker in the division. Regardless, everyone knows that this is MMA and on any given day, anyone can split your head in two, leaving your brain in agonizing pain.

This is unlikely to happen to either fighter, considering Joe "Daddy" has never been finished by strikes and Fisher has one TKO loss in 27 fights.

In spite of the past of each fighter, Stevenson may want to bring into consideration his game plan against Nate Diaz. Stevenson needs to be the one controlling this fight in the clinch and on the ground if he wants to walk away with another victory on his road towards another chance at the title.

Fisher might want to mix in his style with the game plan of Diego Sanchez while he fought Stevenson. He could use his array of striking assets to keep Stevenson at bay with continuous movement and if the opportunity presents itself, score a take down and patiently search for a submission.

With the relentless pace that Fisher tends to set, mixed in with a versatile striking background in Muay Thai, Stevenson may have to bide his time in search of a take down, as well as in the chess battle we call Jiu Jitsu. Fisher is a true all-around fighter that has the ability to escape or finish from any position.

On the other hand, if Stevenson shows too much restraint, this fight may very well fall into the lap of the judges. On paper, it would appear that each fighter has a 50/50 chance in taking this win via decision.

This fight comes down to who goes in with the better game plan and the win will go to the fighter who can exploit the other's weaknesses.

Words like these become cliche when two skilled fighters duel it out with different styles, yet neither one has a clear-cut advantage.

Joe Stevenson and Spencer Fisher are about head-to-head in the thick fog of potential contenders inside the lightweight division. A victory could leave either fighter one or two fights away from a title shot, the loser will fade deeper into the midst.

Finally, words of advice courtesy of Sun Tzu's, The Art of War:

"In conflict, straightforward actions generally lead to engagement, surprising actions generally lead to victory."