Influential New York Writer Names Brock Lesnar As WWE Smackdown's MVP

Akvar MindonesContributor IIIOctober 2, 2009

In a most interesting article posted on New York Newsday's powerful website, sports writer Alfonso Castillo named current UFC Heavyweight Champion and former WWE Champ Brock Lesnar as "The MVP of Smackdown's First Decade."
Lesnar's rise to prominence in World Wrestling Entertainment was inevitable given his enormous athletic ability and charisma, but he lucked into the fact that WWE Smackdown had overtaken Monday Night Raw in that era thanks to the innovative writing and unmatched character building skills of then-Head Writer Paul Heyman.
To make matters even more in Lesnar's favor, his on-air wrestling manager (or "agent" as he was called to differenciate himself from old school managers of the past) was Heyman, who knew how to build Lesnar both behind the scenes and with the things he'd say about Lesnar on the air.
Lesnar was everything Smackdown needed. He was unique, he was a monster, he had the wrestling fans talking about how real he was, he was (forgive me Lex Luger) Vince McMahon's Total Package.

But I’d say the peak point of the Smackdown era came in 2003, when the show was built around one man – a man whose size, brutality and athleticism captivated the pro wrestling world – just as it is doing now in the mixed martial arts world. That man, of course, is Brock Lesnar.

In mid-to-late 2003, with Paul Heyman on booking duties, Smackdown was the show to watch. That was largely due to Lesnar, and his rivalry with Kurt Angle. Together, the two put on a series of classic matches, ranging from their WrestleMania XIX main event, to an incredible one-hour iron man match on Smackdown, to another classic at SummerSlam.

But, even Lesnar wasn’t mixing it up with Angle, he was still a heck of a lot of fun to watch. One of my favorite Smackdown feuds involved him and – of all people – Matt Hardy, who spent weeks calling out and mocking Lesnar, similar to how The Miz called out John Cena for weeks earlier this summer. The mismatches feud led to some fun TV segments involving Lesnar, Hardy and his "Moore-on" Shannon Moore.

As well, Lesnar provided one heck of a TV moment during a match with The Big Show, when the impact of a top rope superplex caused the entire ring to collapse. And who among us could forget the night he left "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan in a bloody heap during an episode of Smackdown.

Lesnar defends his UFC Heavyweight Championship on November 21st against number one contender Shane Carwin in Las Vegas as the main event of UFC 106.  That fight happens one week after Randy Couture's next fight, which will be at UFC 105 on SpikeTV (tape delayed)  against Brandon Vera in Manchester, UK.